Isn’t it true that nature itself is our medicine to our everyday stress from the hustle and bustle in the metro? Hand that leave application form and explore these natural showers that would instantly freshen up and unwind our mental beings.

I have listed the amazing and majestic waterfalls I have visited since I started exploring my very own truly awesome country and that is really more fun, the Philippines, and expect another article of waterfalls for my 2017 travels.

Here are nine out of the hundreds of amazing and majestic waterfalls in the Philippines:

BOMOD-OK FALLS, Sagada, Mountain Province

bomod ok falls (1).jpg

After almost 12 hours of journey through the winding roads of Cordillera and an hour descending trek, passing by a community, this falls would truly captivate you and as soon you heard its cascade and its full glory filling up your vision, the pain and exhaustion from the tiring trek would dissipate instantly and all that is running in your mind to bask your body in that icy waters on its graceful catch basin.

Commute Directions:

From Manila, take Sagada bound buses.

Take any Baguio bound bus. Take a cab or walk to Dangwa Bus Station where you can find GL Lizardo buses. First trip is around 6:00AM bound to Sagada.

Alternatively, from Manila take Bontoc bound bus. From Bontoc, there public transportation bound to Sagada. Approximately, one hour or less travel.

GANANO FALLS, Diffun, Quirino Province


Discover the UNDISCOVERED, that is what Quirino Province is aiming, with its tourism doors that officially opened roughly few years ago, the province is inviting travellers, trekkers, explorers and mountaineers to discover its pristine and virgin beauty. If you happen to visit this Quirino, head out to Little Baguio Village in Diffun municipality and trek the forest trail for about an hour, the glorious tall waterfalls would welcome you to its shallow catch basin as your reward from the uphill trail.

Commute Directions:

If you are commuting, it is highly recommended to contact the Quirino Provincial Office to arrange your guide and transportation.

Take any Tuguegarao/Cauayan/Santiago bound bus and alight in Cordon. From Cordon junction, take vans and alight in Capitol Premises.

From Manila, take Madella bound bus. If you pre-arrranged your transfer, you can meet at the junction to Little Baguio Village or meet in front of Tourism Office within the Capitol Hill premises.

HULUGAN FALLS, Luisiana, Laguna

Credit: Michael James Ronquillo

The local travelling community exploded upon the revelation of a humongous curtain waterfall silently roaring in the mountains of Luisiana, Laguna. Its captivating and majestic main cascade would instantly call those itchy feet and scratch on the trail leading to the waterfalls. The popular trail going to the waterfalls is passing by other waterfalls, the Talay Falls and Hidden Falls, then the Hulugan Falls itself.

Commute Directions:

From Manila, take bus bound to Sta. Cruz. Find the jeepney terminal bound to Lucena and Lucban and ask driver to alight you in Brgy. San Salvador. There is a big signage for Hulugan Falls

HIKONG BENTE FALLS, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

lake sebu (1).jpg

Located in the Seven Waterfall Adventure in Lake Sebu, Hikong Bente Falls is the tallest amongst the seven waterfalls and is best seen through the zip line ride. You have the option to trek down the stair leading to the falls or take the two level zip line and be at a lesser strides to the falls.

DSC_0014 (2).JPG

Hikong Bente Falls roaring behind our backs

Commute Directions:

From General Santos City, take bus bound to Koronadal City aka Marbel. Take vans bound to Surallah and from Surallah take Lake Sebu bound vans.

From Cotabato City, take Koronadal City bound bus or van, Alight in Isulan. From Isulan, take Surallah bound vans. From Surallah, take Lake Sebu bound vans.

TAPPIYAH FALLS, Batad, Ifugao Province


Cordillera region is not about ubiquitous rice terraces, but of amazing and majestic waterfalls. Batad’s best is the Tappiyah Waterfalls which you need to trek from Saddle Junction Point and traverse the humongous Batad Rice Terraces until you reach its catch basin. The trek is challenging, but once there, basking on Tappiyah’s glory would wash extract away those exhaustion and cramp juices out from  your lower periphery musculature.

tappiyah falls batad.jpg

Commute Directions:

From Manila, take Ohayami nights bus. Take a jeep to Batad or join group tours arranged by the tourism office.

KABIGAN FALLS, Balaoi, Ilocos Norte


Ilocos region is a common location among travel packages available for Extreme North Luzon. Located in the northwestern corner of our country, Kabigan Falls is worth trekking and exploring year round. I happen to visit the falls while on a packaged tour. Since it was raining when we visited, muddy and slippery trail did not surprise us, but upon arriving to the basin, which is actually almost sunset, we are welcomed by the mist and strong mist from the strong gusts of the roaring main cascade. It is Kabigan Falls on its full glory state and going near it is a challenge. With mother nature proving its power, strong bursts of wind and water would literally push you away and water spray seemed like small stones thrown to you. It was one of the grandest experience I have with a waterfall because of the energy it has released during our visit. We trekked back as night falls and chilling December win9d starts to creep in our knees and wet bodies.

Commute Directions:

From Manila, take Pagudpud bound bus. From Pagudpud, take a tricycle to Balaoi.

MOTHER FALLS, San Luis, Aurora Province

mother falls (3).JPG
Mother Falls during Amihan season

Having experienced Mother Falls for four times proves its natural grandiosity and grace beauty. No wonder it is flocked by tourist almost year round. Located in the mountains of San Luis, surprisingly, the local government paved the way to the falls making the drive and trek to falls accessible. Of the times I have visited, I have witnessed the conversion of the intense bumpy ride to a smooth cemented road. The trail would lead you to gentle ascent, including traversing and crisscrossing the river through bamboo stilt footbridges which are perfect for self portraits.

mother falls (1).jpg
The Mother falls during summer
mother falls (4).jpg
Mari standing in front of the uncrowded basin of Mother Falls upon sunrise

Commute Directions:

From Manila, take Genesis Bus bound to Baler. From Baler terminal, take tricycle to San Luis.

From Dau terminal, take Cabanatuan bound vans. From Cabanatuan, take Baler bound bus and vans. From Baler terminal, hire a tricycle to San Luis.

From SM Pampanga, take Genesis bus bound to Cabanatuan. From Cabanatuan, take bus or vans bound to Baler. From Baler, take tricycle to San Luis.


siquijor (3).jpg
Cambugahay Fall Third Tier

The jump off point to this falls is just beside the road making the trek easier, After descending the quite steep stairway, the first tier of the Cambugahay Falls would promptly invite to jump on its waters. Try the Tarzan Swing and ride your way to the cool and turquoise catch basin.

Going to the upper tiers is a just quick and short trek. Fresh coconut juice is available in the area to quench your thirst after an enjoyable swim.

cambugahay falls siquijor].jpg
First Tier
siquijor (2).jpg
Second Tier

Commute Directions:

From Siquijor, charter a tricycle to the jump off point to Cambugahay Falls.

Alternatively, you can rent a motorcycle and be guided with GPS or ask the locals for direction.

MERLOQUET FALLS, Sibulao, Zamboanga City

Merloquet Falls (16).jpg

Two hours away from the Zamboanga City Proper, the waterfalls is easily accesible from the jump off point to a 300+ stairway leading to its basin. With its majestic and enchanting beauty, Merloquet Falls is a must explore once in Zamboanga City. Added feature of this falls is its upper tier flowing through seemingly slanted slab of huge rock.

Merloquet Falls (2).jpg

Commute Directions:

From Zamboanga City Bus Terminal, take a bus bound to Ipil or Pagadian and request the bus conductor to drop you at the junction in Vitali going to the falls. From Vitali, hire a habal habal or motorcycle leading to the jump off to the falls.

Merloquet Falls (3).jpg

11 thoughts on “AMAZING WATERFALLS in the PHILIPPINES: My perspective

  1. wow sir, beautiful pictures. I am from the Netherlands and would like to visit the philippines in March 2019. there is a top 3 of your personal visit to waterfalls. The reason I am asking this is because I only have 3 weeks of vacation and I believe in your way of traveling. thank you very much if you want to answer this


    1. Hi Serv, thank you for your message, and apologies for the late response, I was on the road for a week. If you want not mainstream, you can try Dinagat Islands of Surigal del Norte Province, Balabac (South Palawan), or San Vicente (Northwest Palawan), Camiguin Island of Northern Mindanao, Siquijor Island of Central Visayas. For mountain sceneries, visit the oldest tattoo artist in the Buscalan, Kalinga province on a weekday, and easy trek to Mt. Kupapey and Mt. Fato in Maligcong, Bontoc province (2-3hrs away from Buscalan). You can message me at my instagram account of same name to assist you more. Thank you once again.


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