SUSIE’s CUISINE: Kapampangan Delicacy Store


Thank you for the relatives of the late Alicia Ayson for pushing her to cook Kapampangan delicacies, Susie’s Cuisine was born from its humblest beginning. Started from a shanty carinderia and blossomed to a 22 strong branched food business that offers authentic Kapampangan delicacies and array of treats from nearby provinces.

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Speaking with Sir Andrew at its original store, he shared how the store gained its popularity. If you are an 80’s or 90’s child around Metro Angeles, you would remember the imported goods sold in the Nepo area which is known even among Manileños. After doing their buying spree, their hungry feet would lead them to the nearby Susie’s cuisine original store. And by word of mouth and strict maintenance of its quality, the store grew in popularity and in business, now has branches in Northern Luzon even in Metro Manila area.


Susie's Cuisine Pampanga (21).jpg
Array of choices in Susie’s Cuisine


Talking about its source and being  on a Kapampangan soil, truly, Susie’s cuisine delivered our province’s title, “Culinary Capital of the Philippines.”

Through generations, each branch sold quality Kapampangan delicacies and its staples are the Pancit Luglug, Tibok Tibok, and Cassava Cake.


Should you wish to bring these delights in foreign soil, they can request the store to pre-freeze food orders before flights to preserve the quality.

Susie's Cuisine Pampanga (42).jpg
My personal favourite: Maniaman a MOCHI!

Susie’s cuisine is one of the food chains who passed the stringent requirement of rhe FDA certification.

Here are the other dishes you can order in Susie’s:


Susie's Cuisine Pampanga Dinuguan Tidtad(58).jpg


Susie's Cuisine Pampanga Turon (86).jpg
Crunchy TURON!


Susie's Cuisine Pampanga (92).jpg
Arroz Valenciana



Susie's Cuisine Pampanga (30).jpg
Baked Macaroni



Susie's Cuisine Pampanga (25).jpg



Susie's Cuisine Pampanga (36).jpg



Susie's Cuisine Pampanga Halo Halo Chocolate Ube Vanilla(65).jpg
HALO HALO, Chocolate Ube and Vanilla


Treats you can bring home to your loved-ones or you can share for an out of town trip:

Never ever forget to drop by in any Susie’s Cuisine branch as you step in Pampanga.








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