Merloquet Falls in Zamboanga City

MERLOQUET FALLS – wonder in Zamboanga City

Zamboanga Airport (1).jpg
Zamboanga City welcoming KapampanganTraveller

Tucked within the mountain ranges of Zamboanga Peninsula, this two-tiered falls is a must visit should you set foot in Zamboanga City. The Asia’s Latin City has many sites to offer for tourists and acknowledgment.

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With the city’s recent history of armed conflict with a leftist group, Zamboanga City had earned a hostile reputation which halted some travelers to explore the beautiful city and its surrounding provinces. Now, years after the incident, the Zamboanga City has returned to its usual state and now “explorable” again.

Merloquet Falls (1).jpg
Engr. Kytte taking the first snapshots

Merloquet Falls is located in Barangay Sibulao, beside Barangay Vitali – a junction point to the falls, which is less than three hours commute from Zamboanga City proper.


From the city proper, take buses bound to Ipil or Pagadian and advise the bus conductor to alight you at the junction going to Merloquet Falls. From the junction point, charter a habal habal going to the jump off point.
From the jump off point, you have to descend to 300+ steps leading to the falls.

In our case, our dear friend Engr. Mike drove us from the city up to the jump off point and that is more than two hours! I truly appreciate his efforts with this amazing waterfall adventure!

Jump Off Point to Merloquet Falls (3).jpg
The Jump Off Point, Registration and Parking Area

You have to pay Php5.00 for the entrance fee once at the jump off point. There is a store also there should you need to replenish your trail food or liquid replenishments.


Jump Off Point to Merloquet Falls (2).jpg
Walk for less than 10 minutes from the Registration area to the stairs


First step to Merloquet Falls stairs.jpg
The First Step on the 300+ step stairway

The stairs leading to falls seats below a canopy that naturally shades you from the heat of the sun. There are seats provided should you need to catch your breath, especially when you are making your return ascent to the jump off point.

Stairs to Merloquet Falls.jpg
Engr. Mike and Teacher Jonna catching their breaths

Halfway through the trail, you can actually hear the cascade singing through your eyes, second voiced by the gentle cool mountain wind.


Canopy over the trail leading to Merloquet Falls.jpg
The uber helpful forest canopy

As we arrived at the falls, we found huts already erected there for tourists. We instantly dropped our belongings to the nearest hut from the falls, grabbed our documenting equipment and ran to the falls!

Merloquet Falls (15).jpg
Front View of the First Tier

Merloquet Falls has a wide main cascade that is truly picturesque. I think Merloquet Falls is midway from being a Block Type and Segmented Type waterfall, and guess what, we have the waterfalls ourselves that time!

After enjoying the first tier, we explored the second tier through an established trail on the right side of the main cascade.


Merloquet Falls (2) - second tier.jpg
Second Tier of Merloquet Falls – equally majestic



Merloquet Falls (12).jpg
Merloquet Falls captured on a fast shutter setting


This adventure was made possible by our dear friend, Engr. Michael, a chavacano. Our heartfelt thanks to him on bringing us here.

Merloquet Falls (9).jpg
Engr. Mike enjoying his second time in Merloquet Falls

Visiting Merloquet Falls is our Day One in exploring Zamboanga Peninsula. Upcoming blog is exploring Isabela City and Malamaui Island of Basilan province.


I tried to make a screengrab of the route to Merloquet Falls from City Proper. There are actually two junctions to the falls. According to Engr. Mike, the junction nearer from Zamboanga City is shorter but some portions of the road seats right above steep ravine. If you are driving, it is safe to take the junction from Vitali.

The views enroute to Vitali are scenic so keep your eyes peeled, unfortunately, for me, I drifted to dreamland during the trip because of our early flight to Zamboanga.

Once you entered the junction, cellular signals are sporadic or intermittent.

If you are from Pagadian City or Ipil, take Zamboanga City bound bus and alight on the same junction in Vitali. zambo to merloquet-1.jpg

Screengrab from Google Maps



I would like to have this acknowledgement segment for the family of Engr. Mike who hosted our stay in Zamboanga City. I myself truly enjoyed their genuine hospitality and generous hearts!


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