As international air travel and border restrictions ease to welcome and reboot international outbound and inbound tourism, Cebu Pacific Air boosts more international connectivity via Clark International Airport with direct routes to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Narita, Macau and Taipei. Being chosen to be one of the Clark Media Team to experience the convenience to fly to Hong Kong through the state-of-the-art Passenger Terminal 2 Building of the Clark International Airport, was more than momentous and unforgettable since it would be my first occasion to leave the Philippine soil. Thank you, really, indeed, certainly, affirmatively (adding up all relative adverbs to give justice to my level of gratitude), for this experience and opportunity.

The Clark Media Team is set to explore and discover Hong Kong’s main avenue in terms of art appreciation and its poster destination, being the nearest happiest place to Philippine soil, the Disneyland Theme Park. Seeing the itinerary sparks excitement in me, counting the days before the very first international flight was a mix of apprehension and excitement – since I have to win the battle between the infamous “Immigration Officer encounters”.

Clark and North Luozn Media Team set to disembark via Clark to Hong Kong with Cebu Pacific

It is Will, my blogger friend, who appeases my anxious creature, as he leads me to proper preparation. Thanks, Will! You know how appreciative I am of all your efforts!

Came the flight day of April 26, 2023 (coming from a night shift Nurse rounds work), we are welcomed and assisted by Ms. Roxanne Gochuico, herself, who helps us through the check-in counters. After which, we queued up to the snaking long lines to the immigration counters. It was at Counter 9 where I need to face the perceived monstrosity, BUT, I was welcomed with a warm questioning leading to my approval. I was shaking a bit, I won’t deny the nervousness but passed the “test” with grace and composure. Thanks too, to Ms. Ning of Punto Central Luzon, for waiting for me after the immigration counter. It was a gigantic and colossal breath of sigh soon as my passport, renewed thrice, was stamped for the first time in forever – inking and marking the indelible insignia for me to experience overseas.

My heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Ning and Will Garcia

Officially, sauntering the aisle leading to the international departure area seems like trodding on fluffy heavenly clouds surrounded by alternating breeze (from the AC units). At last, to reality almost there – light at the end of the tunnel.

We are treated to cool refreshments of our choice at Toms. With a few sips and a few moments, we are set to depart via Gate 11. It was surreal really for me. It was a bit challenging for me to shroud off the excitement as I keep documenting every aspect of my international travel – another epitome of my travelsphere.

Sooner, I am seating beside Will of WillexplorePH and Cris of Biyaheng Amianan (Facebook and Youtube). We enjoyed our high-altitude dinner at 38,000 feet feasting on Chicken Char Siu. It was piping hot served and indeed, aromatic. Soon as we finished dinner, the initial descent announcement blared on the PA plane system signalling us to prepare. Momentarily, the city lights of Hong Kong unveiled from the dark horizon – at last! With that expected thud, finally, in Hong Kong! As we disembark the Cebu Pacific Flight 5J120 and entered the chilly passenger tube of the Hong Kong International Airport, we sped through its seemingly labyrinth yet expansive halls and aisles. The Immigration service is quick. They’ll just ask for your passport and instruct you to face their camera and that’s it! At last – stepping officially into my first country – HONG KONG!!

Once again, thank you very much to CEBU PACIFIC AIR for making my First International Travel Moment Happen!

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