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Shop at the Largest Mall in Hong Kong – HARBOUR CITY

Clark ad North Luzon Media Team with Harbour City Team (Photo Credit: Joy Mirasol)

With almost 500 shops and almost a hundred food and beverage stalls, you will never run out of ideas to shop at Harbour City. Akin to its size, the largest shopping mall features five sections that comprise the Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre, Gateway Arcade, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel Arcade and Star Annex. Surely, each section would offer all your shopping and wants, from designer labels to luxury beauty brands and accessories.

What is great about Harbour City is its access to public transportation from the MTR, buses and taxis. Additionally, it is right beside the Ferry Terminal which you can enjoy after your harbour tour. Moreover, it is strategically located at the heart of the city where almost everything is a stone’s throw away.

We are able to visit the Harbour City Mall after our hearty lunch at The Grand Palace Restaurant – which is actually within walking distance. We met the Harbour City Admin Team which provided us a brief walkthrough of the largest mall. And, thank you, as they gave us press kits and cute goodies! We had our brief orientation right in front of the captivating facade of the mall where we get to see the large “Inside Out Project” plastered on its iconic front.


From the outside, you would easily notice the grand size of Harbour City, noting that it would really take a whole day just to see all of its sections. We entered the mall through the access near the largest Dior Flagship Store in Hong Kong. From there, we saw the bustling crowd sauntering its busy aisles. The ceiling height is about the same as what we have back home, the usual average ceiling height. We spent our time at the gadget zones where we saw the most electronics of all types and sizes on display. It was indeed a sprawling section of all the temptations for a content creator like me – marked down brand new mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and phone accessories and there are other white goods on display as well.

We also visited other levels of the Harbour City and saw even more Food and Beverage outlets, you can opt once for view decks directing the Victoria Harbour which you can marvel at as you dine or lounge at your restaurant of choice.

After which, we spent a quick time at its third-level view deck where we get fresh air and a captivating view of the Victoria Harbour. Since we have only a brief moment at Harbour City, we roamed around its vicinity and checked the Ocean Terminal Side and visited the Hong Kong Tourism Board stall there and availed of their voucher for Hong Kong Visitors – just show your passport to the staff and they would give you this posh looking maroon HKTB Envelope..

It is a relatively short visit of the Harbour City and we have not even seen its other sections. This calls for us to return to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific and saunter its other halls and mall features.


The “Inside Out Project” features large black and white portraits set to be a large collage of celebrities and Hong Kong nationals blaring their cutest smile without wearing masks with the same black and white polka dots background. This is a global participatory project masterminded by French artist JR. The large collage at the mall facade and at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt will be on display until May 7, 2023. So head there and see yourself this large display of happily smiling faces. Isn’t it encouraging to see these unique smiles which is long covered by masks during the height of the pandemic?

After the brief orientation, we went through inside the main mall and I am amazed at its colossal size! It is more than what I expected. Hordes of brands and stall that I can marvel at until the further length of each aisle and never-ending shoppers circling the labyrinth halls.

SNAKE CAT DOG – The Rex Koo Art Show

More than shopping and dining, we marvelled at the unique art show of the homegrown artist Rex Koo, where his cunning style of art are on this display, warning, this is an 18-year-old up entry, as the gallery would tickle your mind with its phallic and opposite derived paintings.

There is a portion of the gallery where it tells the story in zooming out, where details of each block are linked seemingly when you zoom out from the view – unleashing various angles until the full view of the artwork comes to place.

Rex Koo Art Show will be held until May 21, 2023, so do not forget to visit the gallery once in Hong Kong. Additionally, the Gallery is near a view deck leading to another panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour.


Mall Address: 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Mall Hours: 10:00AM to 10:00PM Daily
Mall Area: Over 195,00 square meters
MTR Access: Tsim Sha Tshui Station Exit A1, East Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit L5 ad Austin Station Exit E
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/aFzUyvRp7pe6ZhPY9


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Thank you very much to CEBU PACIFIC AIR, HONG KONG TOURISM BOARD and SELRAHCO PR for this unforgettable Hong Kong experience.

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