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PRISM RESTAURANT & CAFE: My best choice in Lipa City

Unleash your own expression of colours through the delightful dishes of Prism Restaurant & Cafe at Lipa City in Batangas. Conceptualized and built during the heights of the varying community quarantines status, real-life partners Chef Grant and Chef Aaron designed and realized a dining wonderland tucked within the hinterlands of the Lipa, shrouded with thick greeneries and housed in a multilevel mansion house building fit for a fairy tale story. Their love of cooking, infusing their hard-earned techniques from overseas training and utilizing available local resources and befitting the palate of locals is one of the main factors in curating their menu. This March 2023, they would be celebrating their First Year Anniversary, a real epitome of their success and synergy of the team.


dining at Prism Restaurant

The main restaurant and cafe building features a clean white facade with a choice of alfresco dining sets, a reception space coupled with the cafe portion on the ground floor. The air-conditioned main dining area that can comfortably house about 30-40 guests is located on the next level. For our dear Seniors and PWDs, there is another access on the other side of the dining with direct access to the main hall.

The main dining hall is extended to the terrace area where you can enjoy an unprecedented view of the Taal Volcano Island and the silhouette of Tagaytay City from the other side. Above you would be a classic yet grand chandelier sending gentle warm illumination.

There are more seats at the upper level which you can possibly rent for a more intimate dining experience.


A digital menu will be available by scanning the QR Code available at your table. Should you have a challenge with your data signal, they have strong wifi for you to access their digital menu. The Menu would be generally Italian and Asian influenced, however, the chef partners have adjusted the flavours according to the palate of the Batanguenos. There are scores too of local delights that would kickstart your tastebuds.

The Menu is mainly grouped into the Restaurant Menu where main entrees are listed while on the Cafe Menu where Coffee & Tea beverages, cocktails and snacks are listed.


Let’s get to business! We came to dine, not to just savour the amazingly breathtaking views of the Taal Volcano Island.
These are the dishes we ordered:

Artisanal Cream Cheese Board – served over a flat wooden platter smothered with dried fruits, and berries on a thick rich bed of cream cheese. The biscuits served are quite crumbly so have nimble fingers when trying to scoop out all of the sweets-tangy goodness.

Artisanal Cream Cheese Board

Truffle and Four Cheese FlatBread – moderately thick flatbread with a good texture and bite. The truffle flavour is embedded in all layers of this dish.

Truffle Flatbread

Tuna Ceviche – served on a huge wooden bowl and its distinct acidic aroma. The secret marinade of this dish features a surprisingly spicy kick and wonderful marriage of the apple bits.

Tuna Ceviche

Truffle Spaghetti – al dente traditional long pasta infused with ample truffle flavours, down to the last drop of the thick sauce.

Truffle Spaghetti

Melanzane – this vegetable dish somehow resembles the known Ratatouille dish. This dish has a thick flavorful tomato-based bed of sauce with zucchini, tomato and aubergine slices topped with grated cheese.


Prism Garden Salad – this bed of crunchy greens features the surprising tangy goodness of green apple cubes.
Caesar Salad – This far is my choice of salad in Prism. Each vegetable element of this salad is certainly coated with the dressing, adding up the texture and flavour of freshly prepared croutons and hefty-sized bits of fried bacon.

Prism Garden Salad

Burn Coconut Grilled Chicken – If you have been from the region BARMM region, this Burnt Coconut dish may be familiar to you. We had a moderately sized thigh chicken portion coated liberally with the burnt coconut shavings, which seemed grilled to perfection and with a good combination of steamed rice topped with Coconut aligue sauce.

Burn Coconut Grilled Chicken

Chicken Satay and Nasi Goreng – this famous Southeast Asian chicken dish recipe is a good choice. They have also a subtle version of the Nasi Goreng that would not be too overpowering for the Pinoy taste profile.

Chicken Satay and Nasi Goreng

Iced Ube Latte – served in a sealed drink can, where restaurant prepared ube halaya will be infused with your creamy latte. From the first sip down to the last drop, the perfect blend of the creamy latte and the luscious purple yam would dominate every sip.


prism restaurant thank you

Prism Restaurant & Cafe is located at El Madero Farm and Resort, Bagong Pool, Lipa City, Batangas. The site is within the premises of the Resort and about 10 minute drive away from the National Road. Once inside the resort, there are road markers and signages leading to the main dining hall building. There are enough parking spaces surrounding the building.

Since of the limited capacity, table reservations is highly recommended and would advise to specify also your other requirements.

Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 9:00PM Monday to Sunday

Contact: (043) 727 1004 | +63 917 653 0614

Address: El Madero Farm and Resort, Bagong Pook, Lipa City, Batangas

thanks chef grant

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