Spartan Race STADION 2022 launch at New Clark City

Being one of the prestigious race events in the country, New Clark City holds the adrenaline pumping Spartan Race within its sports complex on June 10-11 2022. With state-of-the-art and Class 1 facilities in place, challengers will enjoy New Clark City’s strategic picturesque and award-winning edifices while overcoming on various obstacles and mind-boggling challenges that would truly stretch their limits. New Clark City is proud to host the country’s first Spartan Race “Stadion” leg. Around 1,600 racers are vying for the champion title and other prizes at stake.

The calendar of activities are as follows:


June 10, 2022

6:00 PM Start of Registration

7:00 PM Spartan Hurricane Heat 12 Hours Commences


June 11, 2022

6:00 AM Start of Registration

8:00 AM Elite Level commences

8:15 AM Age Group Commences

9:00 AM Open Category Commences

11:00 AM Awarding Ceremony

11:45 AM Closing of Registration

2:00 PM Cut Off Time for Stadion Course


JUne 11, 2022

8:00AM Start of Registration

10:00 AM Age 12-14 Competitive

10:15 AM Age 9-11 Competitive

10:30 AM Open Age Category

11:00 AM Awarding Ceremony

For those who heard Spartan Race for the first time, it is an experiental sport and a wellness brand held at different locations around the country, and the world, featuring varying difficulties and obstacle challenges that would truly beat brawn and brains. It is a challenge of the mind and body that is not for faint heart as this would require prior rigid training to be able to tackle efficiently various obstacles on the race path. Additionally, it is a social activity since part of the race includes helping out one another to accomplish each obstacle. Speed, Endurance and Quick Wit are the names of the game. Getting at the end proves you as victor versus your own self. Battling various climatic settings and natural elements is part of the experience and challenge.

The message, I think, behind this grand race includes physical fitness, mental alertness and good nutrition to help us survive daily struggles effectively.

If you wish to witness the event, they have assigned Section F of the Athletic Stadium for the spectator area.

Since we are at Alert 1 status, minimum health protocols are implemented. Medical triage is available for the racers, said Dr. Marc Laurenze Celis, General Manager and Managing Partner of Spartan Race Philippines. Sir Arrey Perez of BCDA mentioned that they are deploying experts from their group in handling this type of event, making New Clark City the perfect venue for Spartan Race Stadion 2022.

Unleash the Hercules in you and be part of the SPARTAN RACE 2022 at NEW CLARK CITY!

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