BARAGATAN: Festival within paradise island | Palawan, Philippines | 2022

To meet” – origination of the festival’s nomenclature from a Cuyonon term, where the province’s bests converge to showcase its plethora of talents and rich culture. Baragatan Festival is Palawan’s own provincial-wide festival with its core activities held within the borders of the paradise capital, the City of Puerto Princesa.

Last February 2022, the Provincial Information Officer, Atty. Christian Jay Camco, formally announced that the festival will return this June 2022, citing it to be face to face, however, stressed the implementation of COVID-19 protocols.

June 10, 2022, marks the kick-off of the 3-week Baragatan sa Palawan Festival, also in observance of the 120th Founding Anniversary of Palawan’s civil government.

The expected crowd drawers are Float Parade Competition, Pantiguan sa Dalan (Dance parade by local officials from Palawan’s own municipalities), Mutya ng Palawan, and my personal favourite, the Saraotan sa Dalan or commonly known as Streetdancing Competition.

To further showcase Palawan’s culture and artisans, they have nightly presentations which includes Disenyo Palawenyo (Fashion), Tunog Palawan (Songwriting), Indakan sa Baragatan (Hiphop Dance), Palawan Pop Idol (Singing), and Cultural Nights.

With the return of tourism, there would be travel and tourism fairs to connect businesses and their target market. Also, there are photo exhibits and contests such as quiz bees and sports disciplines. With the paradise island on a hiatus for almost three years, this is truly one of the best Kickstarter for the return of vibrant and high traffic tourism of Palawan. Learn much about the paradise island in this festivity.

June 23, 2022 marks the culmination of the province wide festival with the SARAOTAN SA DALAN, the grand street dance competition, where the colorful entourage from various municipal representations graced the wide two lane Rizal Avenue strutting their amazing costumes and lifesize festival props.

The young talented dancers of Palawan braved the crowd, the heat, the march and the beating of music with enthusiasm exuding. Here are my snapshots from the colourful street dance:

2022 Festival theme: “Baragatan sa Bagong Palawan ngayon – moderno, progresibo at kilalal sa buong mundo – legasiya ng tapat, mahusay at epektibong paglilingkod sa mga Palawenyo ng administrasyon ni Gov. Jose Ch. Alvarez“.

My heartfelt thanks to Sir Evo Joel Contrivida of PALAWANDERER blog and Jan Valderama, for organizing the group event and arranging unprecedented access

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