Thinking of what beach you may want to visit? We are blessed that the Philippines is endowed with seemingly innumerable beaches. It is the haven that tired workers and individuals are looking for – sun, sea and sand!Here are the beaches I have visited and would recommend:

map of beaches kapampangan traveller.jpg
Location of below-listed beaches

ANGUIB Beach, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

Anguib Beach Kapampangan Traveller.jpg
One of the relaxing spots in Anguib Beach

Located in the Northeastern edge of Luzon Island, its stunning beauty is worth the long commute. From our experience, Anguib Beach is part of our two-day itinerary in Palaui Island which we have on our second day. The transfer from Palaui Island takes 30-40 minutes depending on sea conditions.

As we approached the shoreline, excitement filled me as fine white sand warmly welcomed us. There are pine-like trees that dotted the shoreline which is picturesque.

How to go there: Take flights from Manila to Tuguegarao. From Tuguegarao, take a tricycle to the van terminals bound for Sta. Ana. Once in Sta. Ana, you can charter a tricycle to lead you to Anguib Beach, or include in your island hopping activity. Alternatively, you can take the Sta. Ana direct bus with Florida GV Bus. Be ready for the long butt-numbing ride.


San Juan Beach KapampanganTraveller.jpg

Famed for its beautiful wave breaks and by celebrity surfer Luke Landrigan, La Union has placed itself on the surfing map of the Philippines. With more accommodations and food stalls dotting the spot, surely, the town is ready for the influx of visitors and tourists.

How to go there: Take a bus bound to La Union or Ilocos region and alight at the junction to San Juan. From there, you can take jeepney or charter a tricycle to take you to your accommodation.   Recommend Sebay Surf Resort.


dasdasol pangasinan tambobong beach malacapas white beach cave (1)

A south-facing white beach at the southern shores of Pangasinan that would reward travelers of clear waters and fine white sand beach. Tambobong Beach is also the jump-off to Colibra Island. It is one of the cleanest and clearest waters I have been. Hope that the quality maintains through the years.

How to go there: Take buses bound to Alaminos. From Alaminos, you can take a jeep that pass by the Tambobong junction. From there you can charter a tricycle to bring you to your chosen accommodation.

NAGSASA COVE, Pundaquit, Zambales

Mt. Bira Bira Cawag Zambales Traverse Nagsasa Cove Day Hike Itinerary Travel Guide (50)

A beautiful grayish beach facing the western horizon backed by beautiful mountainscapes is the reward after almost an hour of boat ride from Pundaquit or a long hike via Mt. Bira Bira. Note that this place has no cellular signal perfect for your digital detox getaway.

How to go there: Take buses bound to Iba, Zambales. Alight in Pundaquit town. Take tricycle to bring you to beaches in Pundaquit. Charter a boat to bring you to Nagsasa Cove. Alternatively, for adventure junkies, you can traverse Mt. Bira Bira or Mt. Balingkilat before going to Nagsasa.


alona panglao.jpg

This white stretch of powdery white sand in Panglao Island is a haven of travelers and party people while in Bohol. With the international airport now nearer to this spot, it is now more convenient to enjoy Panglao’s beaches.

How to go there: Panglao International Airport is connected directly to Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Clark. From the airport, you can take vehicles straight to your chosen accommodation and visit the beach after.

SAN JUAN BEACH, San Juan, Siquijor

Siquijor Island Travel Guide Salagdoong Beach Paliton Beach
Siquijor Island Travel Guide Salagdoong Beach Paliton Beach

One of the stunning white beaches I have been, and probably one of the longest. This is where I had an epic sunset viewing while in Siquijor. Best to make accommodations at this beach.

How to go there: Take flights bound to Dumaguete. From the airport, take a tricycle to bring you to the port. From Dumaguete airport, there many shipping lines going to Siquijor. From Siquijor port, you can charter a tricycle or hire a motorcycle to bring you to San Juan.

PUTING BUHANGIN, Pagbilao, Quezon Province

Puting Buhangin

After a long commute from Manila to Pagbilao, my tired back dissipated when I saw the ultra powdery white sand after half an hour boat.

How to go there: Take Bicol bound buses and alight in Pagbilao junction. Tell conductor that you are visiting Borawan. From there, charter a boat that leads you to Puting Buhangin Beach. Note that these waters could have a presence of stinging jellyfishes. Be ready with toxin antidote.

DICASALARIN Cove, Dicasalarin, Aurora Province

dicasalarin beach

Having visited this cove many times, its beauty never went off. Tucked between picture-perfect rocky cliffs, this beach is a must while in Baler, Aurora. You may opt to take a boat ride or drive while passing a winding mountain road leading to a scenic viewpoint of the cove.

How to go there: From Manila, there are Baler bound bases in Genesis Cubao terminal. From Baler, charter a tricycle to bring you to Dicasalarin cove or take you to the port where boats go to Dicasalarin. Alternatively, you can pass by Dingalan to reach here with the new coastal road the government is currently finishing.

SAUD WHITE BEACH, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Saud Beach.jpg

The long butt-numbing commute is worthy once your eyes laid on this beautiful beach at the farthest end of Luzon Island. The beach itself is a magnet for beach bums despite its utter distance from Manila but still, packed with tourists during peak season. Should you wish to welcome the Amihan winds, tread the long road in the months of December until February.

How to go there: There are buses bound straight to Pagudpud from Manila. Alternatively, you can take a Vigan or Laoag bound bus, and transfer for Pagudpud. From Pagudpud, charter a tricycle to bring you to Saud Beach. There are a number of accommodations dotting the beautiful beach.

GOTA Beach, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

gota beach caramoan.JPG

I first learned this piece of paradise as an open public beach lined with scenic rock formations and rocky hills that is reminiscent that of Palawan’s. Having popularised by a foreign reality TV show, capitalists tapped its tourism potential, now, a private village resort. Its distance from the metro did not stop travelers to explore this beautiful beach. Travel agencies include Caramoan Island hopping as one of their destinations and is perfect for solo travelers to save on cash.

How to go there: The nearest airport is via Virac in Catanduanes. From Virac airport, charter a motorcycle to Codon port. There are boats there you can charter to bring you to Caramoan.

Alternatively, you can fly to Naga Airport. From Airport, walk or charter tricycle to the highway. From the highway, take buses bound to Lagonoy. Tell the driver to alight you near Sabang port. Take tricycle or motorcycle to Sabang port. Take a public boat ride from Sabang port to Guijalo port. From Guijalo Port, take public tricycles to Caramoan proper or to Gota Village Resort. There are buses from Cubao to Caramoan via Raymond Bus Lines.

NAKABUANG BEACH, Sabtang, Batanes

nakabuang beach
Nakabuang Beach

Batanes is as picturesque once you arrived its airspace until you depart. However, since of Batan Island’s rocky topography, the island paradise seemingly lacks beaches that visitors can safely swim. Sabtang would have compensated this and visit Nakabuang Beach. Stretch of fine white sand and clear waters!

How to go there: Fly to Batanes from Clark and Manila. From the airport, you can charter a tricycle to bring you to Ivana Port. From Ivana Port, take Falowa to Sabtang. Once on Sabtang, charter a tricycle to bring you to the beach.

TATLONG PULO BEACH, Guimaras Island province

tatlong pulo guimaras.jpg
Photo Credit: VeenThere.Adventures blog

A captivating secluded cove tucked on the western coast of the island province, one of the best spots to witness the sunset. The cove features interesting and picturesque rock formations, and the beautiful islets fronting the beach. The beach features white sand and resorts have huts and cottages you can rent. There are view decks within easy hikes, just be careful with the sharps rock shards.

How to go there: The nearest airport is via Iloilo. From Iloilo airport, take public vans bound to SM City Iloilo. From there, take a jeepney bound to Ortiz Wharf. Take boats bound to Jordon, Guimaras. Once in Jordan, charter jeepney/multicab/tricycle/motorcycle to bring you to the beach. Please note to register first at their Tourism Office located right beside the Jordan port before touring the island.

MALAMAWI WHITE BEACH,Malamawi Island, Basilan


This seemingly secluded beach tucked within the strife-stricken mini archipelagic Basilan. The beach features fine white sand and clear waters with striking turquoise-azure waters. The resort has rooms, huts, and cottages you can rent while on the beach. Best to enjoy the whole day while the sun is up.

How to go there: Take flights to Zamboanga City. From the airport, take a public jeepney to Zamboanga port. Take fast crafts or RORO to Isabela City, Basilan. From the Isabela port, walk to the public boats going to Malamawi Island. Once on the other side, charter motorcycle to bring you to Malamawi White Beach Resort.

PUNTA SEBARING, Bugsuk Island, Balabac, Palawan

punta sebaring balabac clark to puerto princesa philippine airlines domestic route travel guide

Balabac is the southernmost frontier of island paradise of Palawan. Found in Bugsuk Island, Punta Sebaring is one of the longest white sand beaches in the Philippines, truly white and fine. Going to this paradise beach proves a bit daunting due to the long commute. Punta Sebaring has already developed resorts where visitors can stay. Just be careful of the niknik bites you can acquire while at the beach.

How to go there: Take flights to Puerto Princesa. From the airport, take jeepney to San Jose terminal. From there, take RioTuba bound van. Travel time is about 5-6 hours. From Rio Tuba, take the public boat to Balabac proper – about 4-5 hours travel depending on sea conditions. From Balabac, you can charter boat to Punta Sebaring. Alternatively, you can arrange to your operator to pick up you via Bancalan or Buliliyan port in Rio Tuba.


panglima tahil.JPG

Another beautiful white sand beach in Sulu province that would surely amaze and captivate visitors. It features fine white sand beach sandwiched between rock cliffs, clear and cool waters, and a zipline ride. There are huts and cottages you can rent while staying at the beach. Visiting this beautiful beach requires strict adherence to Tourism Regulations. Always coordinate with their tourism staff before actually going to Sulu.

How to go there: Take flights to Zamboanga Airport. From airport, take public jeepneys to Zamboanga seaport. Take the night ferry to Jolo, Sulu (recommending Montenegro lines) that leaves 9:00PM daily. About 8 hours ferry ride, depending on sea conditions. Once in Jolo, wait for your tourism officer/s to fetch you right inside the ferry. They will arrange on your behalf the boat to the island.


Panampangan Island Tawi Tawi Travel Guide Francis M. Velasco
Done shot by Francis Velasco

These islands are one of the iconic landmarks of pristine Tawi Tawi. Both possess beautiful beaches and clear waters. What sets Panampangan Island apart is its long sandbar evident during low tides and is dubbed to be the longest in the Philippines. Imagine walking or running under the sun with almost more than a kilometer of fine white sand beach.

Sangay Siapo Island is much nearer to Simunul Island and can be circumnavigated by foot in less than 20 minutes. It features interesting sandbar corners and has huts you can use while staying on the island.

How to go: Take flights to Zamboanga City. Then take flights to Tawi Tawi. From the airport, charter tricycle/motorcycle to bring you to the port. Alternatively, you can take the 18-hour Alesan ferry from Zamboanga City to Bongao Tawi Tawi.


nipa nipa island zamboanga sibugay.jpg

Another hidden paradise in Zamboanga Peninsula, Malangas is a coastal town of Zamboanga Sibugay that has an interesting coastline and pristine islets. Muyong Island is larger than Nipa Nipa Island.

How to go: Nearest airport is in Pagadian. From Pagadian, take buses bound to Zamboanga City and alight in Diplahan junction. From Diplahan junction, take motorcycle/tricycle to Malangas tourism office. Register and arrange for your boat leading to these islands. An alternative airport is through Zamboanga City. Take Pagadian bound buses and alight in Diplahan.

MURCIELAGOS ISLAND, Labason, Zamboanga Del Norte

labason zamboanga del norte bayangan island murcielagos island protected landscape travel blog guide budget (5)
front of the resort

A protected marine landscape island group located about 30-45 minute boat ride from Labason town. This is actually frequented by ZDN locals and nearly developed for tourism since of its existing huts and cottages you can rent. The island features fine yellowish-white sand

How to go there: Nearest airport is through Dipolog. From there, take the Labason bound public van. Travel time is 5-6 hours. From Labason, go to the tourism office to register and arrange your boat. Boat ride takes about 20-40 minutes depending on sea conditions. Best to come in pairs or groups.

MANTIGUE ISLAND, Camiguin Province 

mantigue beach

A protected island seascape of Camiguin Island where your stay is limited to maximum of 4 hours, hence, take every advantage to explore while in the island. It features fine white sand beaches, clear waters, and a forest interior. There is a raised walkway within its foresty core if you wish to do forest bathing.

How to go there: From Manila, there are flights direct to Camiguin via Skyjet. From Camiguin, charter tricycle or motorcycle to bring you the jump-off point to Mantigue. Finish the registration process and take the boat ride. You have a maximum of 4 hours to enjoy the island. Alternatively, fly to Cagayan De Oro. From the airport, take a van to CDO proper. Then take a bus bound to Butuan and alight in Balingoan. Walk to the port and take the public ferry.

PAGKAWASAN BEACH, Dinagat Island Province 

Pagkawasan Beach Dinagat

One of the hidden gems of Caraga Region, Dinagat Island has many spots waiting to be discovered. Pagkawasan Beach is just one of the many beaches dotting the island province. This beach is part of the usual tour packages. Pagkawasan beach features a compact white sand beach and clear waters, perfectly backdropped by interesting karst formations and picturesque coconut trees.

How to go there: Nearest airport from Manila is in Butuan. From Butuan, take a bus bound to Surigao City. From Surigao bus terminal, take tricycle bound to the seaport, take San Jose Dinagat bound boat. Alternatively, you can take a connecting flight via Cebu, then straight to Surigao airport.

DAHICAN Beach, Mati, Davao Oriental

dahican beach mati davao oriental.jpg

A C-shaped cove bordered with fine white sand beach and scenic coconut trees. On a good day, the waters proved to be striking turquoise/azure in color. Once having good waves, this beach is a perfect spot for skimboarding. There are resorts and restaurants lining the beach.

How to go there: Fly to Davao. From Davao Airport, exit near McDonald’s. From there, take a bus bound to Mati. From Mati terminal, take tricycle or motorcycle to Dahican beach.

Little Boracay, STA. MARIA, Davao Occidental

sta maria davao occ

Dubbed as the “Little Boracay” of Davao Occidental, the sand is not really as white and as fine as Boracay’s.  However, water is really inviting. There are huts and cottages you can rent while staying on the beach. The surrounding mountains and beautiful are the perfect backdrop of your escape in this province. A little trivia, Davao Occidental is the one of the newest province in the Philippines, carved out from Davao del Sur. The province has lots to offer to tourists and visitors and can’t wait to explore more of this young province.

How to go there: Fly to Davao Airport. From Davao Airport, take buses to Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal. At the terminal, take Malita bound bus or vans. Alight in Sta. Maria. Charter tricycle to bring you to Little Boracay.


tuka marine park sarangani.JPG

Seemingly a secluded cove located on the coast of Western Sarangani where the beach is separated via picturesque rocky hills. Its shores feature semi-fine whitish brown sand and a healthy marine ecosystem. It is one of the spots in Sarangani for good snorkeling activity. They have an established hiking trail if you wish to burn some calories.

How to go there: Fly to General Santos City Airport. From the Airport, take vans to bring you to GenSan City proper and alight at the van terminal bound to Kiamba. Once in Kiamba, take a trike to where the registration office for the boat ride to Tuka Marine. You can arrange from there your accommodation of choice or cottage and pick up time. The boat ride from Kiamba to Tuka Marine Resort takes about 15-20minutes, depending on sea conditions.

CYC Beach, Coron, Palawan

cyc beach coron.JPG

One of the small white sand beaches on Coron backed by beautiful and interesting karst formations. This beach is included in one of the tour packages of Coron. There are huts you can use for your snacks and meals.

How to go there: Fly to Busuanga airport. From Airport, take vans bound to Coron proper. There are many tour operators to choose from once in Coron.

DINADIAWAN WHITE BEACH, Dipaculao, Aurora Province

dinadiawan beach.jpg

One of the scenic beaches of Aurora province, Dinadiawan holds a lot of resorts covering this beautiful shoreline. It is one of the longest white sand beaches I personally saw in my traveling history. The beach features fine creamy white sand and inviting waters to swim.

How to go there: From Manila, there are buses bound from Cubao to Casiguran, Aurora. Ask the bus conductor to alight you in Dinadiawan. Alternatively, you can commute to Baler. From Baler, take van or bus bound to Casiguran and alight in Dinadiawan. Most of the resorts are along the national highway.

PULO GUIANLO, Capalonga, Camarines Norte

pulo guianlo camarines norte capalonga

One of the off-the-beaten-path destinations in Bicol Region, this beautiful stretch of beach is actually located in Guianlo Island of Capalonga, Camarines Norte. It features cream-colored sand and has interesting reef formations at the end.

How to go there: From Manila, take Capalonga bound bus. From Capalonga town, coordinate with their tourism office for your boat rental.


Mamangal Beach Virac Catanduanes Travel Guide Budget Beaches Itinerary

We visited here mid-afternoon and found one of the most serene and still beach. The water seems to be huge mirror lazily waiting for you to wade its clear waters. There are resorts you can stay for overnight accommodation.

How to go there: Fly to Virac, Catanduanes. From Virac, charter tricycle/motorcycle to bring you to Mamangal Beach.

Atlaza Beach, San Pascual, BURIAS ISLAND, Masbate

atlaza resort.JPG

Looking for a nice beach in San Pascual? Try Atlaza! I stayed on one of its fine resorts and almost owned the place, I the lone visitor that time since I visited on a weekday. I enjoyed the clear waters and swam for almost three hours without knowing the passage of time. The resort has hotel-like accommodations for your convenience.

How to go there: Nearest airport is via Naga. From Naga Airport, go to Naga Van Terminal. Take Pasacao bound van. From Pasacao, take a tricycle to Pasacao seaport, take a ferry bound to San Pascual, Burias. From San Pascual, take a tricycle to Atlaza Beach Resort.

BONBON Beach, Romblon, Romblon

bonbon beach

One of the most beautiful public beaches I set foot in. Lucky we made it before sunset and enjoyed our swim at the edge of its sandbar. Visiting here is free and would recommend to not litter. Expect staff to require to log at their registration.

How to go there: From Batangas Port, take the night ferry with 2Go bound to Romblon and arrive the next morning. Once at the Romblon bier, you can charter a tricycle to bring you at Bonbon beach. You can bring your own food and beverage, but dispose of properly.

POCTOY WHITE BEACH, Torrijos, Marinduque

Marinduque Boac Mogpoc Gasan Sta Cruz Torrijos Buenavista Moriones Festival 2018 Travel Guide Budget (37)

One of the known beautiful beaches in Marinduque, it gets easily crowded on weekends and during peak season. It has many resorts line up and eateries to choose from. You can pitch a tent and enjoy the beach. According to the locals, the beach tends to change its shape depending on the prevailing sea current.

How to go there: From Manila, fly to Marinduque via Cebu Pacific. From there, charter a jeep or tricycle to bring you to Poctoy White Beach. Alternatively, you can take Jac Liner bus bound to Marinduque and alight near the junction to Poctoy. Walk towards the beach.

IMAGA BEACH, Allen, Northern Samar

imaga beach
Imaga Beach

Looking for an uncrowded beach? Try Imaga Beach of Northern Samar. Within less than an hour from the port town of Allen, it is known by locals and can easily be located. The beach features long stretch of white sand featuring huge rock formations coupled with the lined up coconut trees. You are actually standing on a visayan soil, but few miles from where you are, you can easily view the landmass of Sorsogon of Luzon.

How to go there: Fly to Catarman from Clark via Philippine Airlines. From Catarman, take vans to Allen.Once in Allen, you can charter motorcycle or tricycle to take you to Imaga Beach. Alternate airports are Calbayog and Tacloban.


sta cruz pink beach

Pink Beaches are the well sought off beaches nowadays, thank you to social media, bringing exposure to these hidden gems. The island is located in between the regions of Visayas and Luzon and requires a long boat ride, possible from Allen and Matnog. The pink color is more evident on where the wave crashes, where there is high density of crushed red corals mixing with the fine white sand. The area is developed with huts that visitors can rent.

How to go there: Fly to Catarman from Clark via Philippine Airlines. From Catarman, take vans to Allen. Once in Allen, go to the port that goes to Capul Island. Daily boat leaves by 12noon. From Capul Island, you can charter a boat to San Vicente Pink beach. Alternatively, you can charter a boat at Allen straight to San Vicente Pink Beach. Alternate airports are Calbayog and Tacloban.

CALICOAN SURFING BEACH, Guiuan, Eastern Samar 

Guiuan Eastern Samar Calicoan Sulangan Travel Guide Budget - CopyEastern Samar’s coastline facing the Pacific Ocean receives good waves perfect for surfers and the town of Guiuan is blessed of this gift. Now, a haven for surfers, the beach is brought to the tourist map, thanks to its natural beauty and expansive long white beaches.

How to go there: Fly to Tacloban. From airport, take public jeepney outside and request driver to alight you to any PUV terminal to Guiuan. From there terminal, charter motorcycle/tricycle to bring you to Calicoan beach.

BUKTOT BEACH, Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro

buktot beach.JPG

The province is known of the beaches of Puerto Galera. However, the southern edge of the Oriental Mindoro still has many beaches to explore. The town of Mansalay has its beach developed and Buktot Beach can be visited conveniently. New road works done and huts available, you can now enjoy this long stretch of beach. Best to come here twilight and witness the glorious sunrise.

How to go there: Fastest route is to fly to San Jose, Mindoro. From the airport, take tricycles to Grand Terminal. From Terminal, take Roxas/Pinamalayan/Calapan bound bus or van. Alight in Mansalay. From there, you can charter tricycle/motorcycle to bring you to Buktot beach. Recommended accommodation in Mansalay is Sidelle Kite Beach Resort.

AGTA BEACH, Almeria, Biliran

agta beach biliran
Agta beach

This island province will never leave you without a nice beach experience. After exploring freshwater sights, we moved to salt water sights. Before we left Biliran, we waded first in Agta Beach. The beach features light brown sand, however, resorts have already erected walls near to the beach.

How to go there: Fly to Tacloban. From airport, take public jeepney outside and request driver to alight you to any PUV terminal to Biliran. Take van to Biliran. Once in Biliran, charter tricycle/motorcycle to Agta Beach. Alternative airport is via Ormoc.

SANTIAGO BEACH, Camotes Islands

Santiago Beach

Visiting here on low tide is a different feel. We have to wade the shallow waters for about more than 20meters away from the shore just to reach the waist-deep clear waters of Camotes Island. It is one of the best fine white sand beaches I have been too. There are resorts there you can choose from.

How to go there: Fly to Cebu City. From Cebu Airport, take public transport to the North Terminal. Take buses passing by Danao. Take a ferry to Camotes Island. Charter tricycle/motorcycle to bring you to Santiago Beach.

BAYBAY BEACH, Roxas, Capiz

Baybay Beach Capiz Kapampangan Traveler

This stretch of beach is known for the many seafood restaurants it has. Also, another feature of the beach is scattered seashells littered throughout the beach area. Best to visit in the afternoon to witness the sunset.

How to go there: Fly to Roxas Airport. From the airport, charter tricycles to bring you to Baybay beach.


Airasia: Cebu, Kalibo, Cagayan de Oro, Puerto Princesa, Davao, Zamboanga, Tacloban, and General Santos

Cebu Pacific: Cebu, Davao, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Iloilo, Caticlan, and Bohol

Philippine Airlines: Catarman, Calbayog, Siargao, Basco, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Bohol, Puerto Princesa, San Jose (Antique), San Vicente (Palawan), Caticlan and Coron

What beach are you going to experience next? Comment below

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  2. I miss going to the beach! gustong gusto ko na magpagulong gulong sa white sand! Also gusto ko mapuntahan yung Gota Village, nagbook kami jan ng asawa ko few years ako pero pagdating namin dun nacancel yung booking namin dahil katatapos lang ng bagyo that time and sobrang naapektuhan yung resort kaya naghanap kami ng ibang matutuluyan.

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