Experience TARLAC: see, eat and stay in the province

Naturally endowed with vast arable plains and scenic mountainscapes, Tarlac province is beyond a stopover place, but a tourist destination itself.  Understanding its topography, history, and culture, you will truly love to spend time here. The numerous experiences what the beautiful province can offer to its visitors are due to the fact that it is a convergence of different ethnicities – bringing a synergy of culture, shaping its current colorful and vibrant society. The government has started already to develop its promising destinations, and with the help of the active Tarlac Conventions and Visitors Bureau, the marketing of the province’ tourism has already paved its way. All existing generations can enjoy the province, thanks to its different established road networks; going around the province is convenient.

Here are the destinations you can try yourself while in Tarlac:


Feel the real adrenaline and engine rev at KART CITY Tarlac.

Kart City Tarlac Travel Guide (1) copy

Ten Thinktanks who loved outdoors created this adventure park, happy that we met Sir Pio Arugay, one of the owners, who toured us around Kart City. At the time of Formula 1 prominence and wanting to have a personal space to experience speed, they are able to put up the race track here in Tarlac. The initial strategy is to have small groups of people to experience speed. By word of mouth and successful marketing campaign, the Kart City grew its foot traffic and received various requests and suggestions from their loyal customers, until such time they expanded their restaurant, café, Karaoke rooms, and live band area.

They continue to evolve and still follow what the market requires. They goal to deliver to let the customers feel the rev of the engine is strongly met. They have a five-minute drive package for Php250.00 (as of writing) for adult beginners. You think that 5 minutes is short? Try it yourself, I just did a 3 cycle drive and though have consumed the time, we were just halfway, past 3 minutes, upon parking the karts.

Kart City Tarlac travel blog review cost budget guide (9)
My first time to try

After an adrenaline-filled drive, relax at their Karaoke rooms and unleash the concert personality in you. Dining in is recommended. Here are the dishes we tried:

  • Chaps Flavored Wings: Buffalo (Php245) – this topped for me among the dishes we tried, the full-bodied flavor and crispness of the wings are topnotch.
  • Bagnet Bicol Express (Php325) – crispy fried pork over a bed of coconut cream base sauce.
  • Creamy Bulalo Sinigang (Php375) – A surprising yet really tastes good. The soup is has a bit of texture yet the usual tartness is not sacrificed. The vegetables also are not overcooked.
  • Chaps Pizza Roll: Meat Lover’s (Php390) – almost the same with a Panizza, I loved how flaky and moist the pastry is, and the mix of flavors once in the mouth. The savory cheese and meaty flavors are the once I really sought coupled with the crunch of the fresh leafy greens.
  • Sinigang sa Miso: Salmon (Php395) – a heaven for Sinigang lovers – the not too sour soup, and not “malansa“. The serving come also with generous vegetable helpings – which I really like. The salmon meat servings is considerable in size for me and hearty.
  • Inihaw na Bangus: Boneless (Php235) – truly boneless yet flavorful stuffed milkfish grilled to perfection. The aroma, once served, truly triggered my mouth to water.

Dishes I will try on my return: 

  • Chaps Flavored Wings – Thai Sriracha (Php245)
  • Bulalo (Php350)
  • Salmon Sashimi (Php260)
  • Angus Steak Rib Eye (Php690)

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 3:00PM – 01:30AM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:00AM – 01:30AM

Kart Driving Rate:

  • Php250.00 / 5 minutes

Things to do:

  • Chill in their cafe
  • Enjoy the live band (Trackside Bar and Grill)
  • Sing your heart our in their karaoke rooms (VIP Sky Lounge)
  • Dine-in (Chap’s Diner and Game Room Sports Bar)
  • Pedal Kids – Bike rental at Php75 / 30 minutes for kids

Contact Details:

How to go: 

Drive: From Manila, take NLEX and SCTEX, then exit via San Miguel Tollgate. Take Luisita Access Road and turn right to McArthur Highway. Kart City is right in front of SM City Tarlac. There are parking slots available.

Commute: Take any Tarlac City bound/passing bus and alight in front of SM City Tarlac.

Understand behind the obelisk in Capas National Shrine.

Capas National Shrine (9) copy

The grim history of the Death March indeed left a huge dent in Philippine history and in the living memory of our grandparents. Hundreds of Filipino soldiers met their demise in the most inhumane possible way by the Japanese Imperial Forces during this entire ghastly moment.

The National Shrine sits on a vast land featuring a visible tall slender tower, surrounded by an esplanade with engraved names on its walls, plus a forest like-nature park of different tree species fill the 35 hectares of space. The tower that is coined as the “Obelisk” features a three-sectioned tower that represents the peace between the Filipino, American and Japanese People in this modern era. An installed beacon at the tip of the tower means the nationalistic ambition of us, the Filipinos nation when it comes to peace and freedom.

Before sunset is the best time to visit the national shrine. Once the golden hour casts its amazing glow over the park, the colors of the trees glisten to golden yellow and the park seems to be under a dramatic yet lovely spotlight.

If you are a local in the Central Luzon, you may want to trace if one of your forefathers’ names is part of the Death March. Walk around the circular esplanade and search through the thousands of names engraved.

Another feature of the park is the enclosed train boxcar, noticeably on display on the left side of the park. It is said that this boxcar holds hundreds of soldiers more than its intended capacity. Many men died of exhaustion, dysentery, and suffocation. Reading the inscription that describes the forbidding moments is indeed hair raising.

It is highly encouraged that visitors to keep the national shrine clean by not littering and bringing their own trash.

Quick facts:

  • Location: Barangay Cristo Rey, Capas, Tarlac
  • Total Land size: 50+ hectares
  • Forested Land: 35 hectares
  • Height of obelisk: 70 meters
  • April 2003 – the unveiling of the tall obelisk
  • Fees: Entrance – Php20.00, Parking Fee – Php40.00, Free for Capas Residents

How to go: Drive from Manila to NLEX and take Capas Exit. Drive to Capas Public Market and turn left (if northbound) to Sto. Cristo Street, then turn right to Sto. Rosario Street. Few meters after the Aranguren Barangay Hall and turn left to Camp O’Donnel Road. The national shrine is located on the left side of the road, and the tower is already noticeable from afar.

Visit the Aquino Center and Museum

Aquino Center Tarlac Luisita (1) copy

Know and understand more of the Aquino couple that helped mold the Philippine political history on what we are today. The museum features two sections – a convention center and a museum installation. The museum features displays and actual artifacts of Ninoy Aquino, from his juvenile years until his demise. Lucky if you have Ms. Karen Lacsamana, the museum manager, to guide through different segments of the museum. During my visit, I was guided by one of her team members. After a quick round, Ms. Karen evaluated what I understood. Gladly, when I was young, I have read a lot of articles and stories about the young Senator Aquino and was able to easily relate with facts and figures discussed. The museum segments involve his younger years, his education, early career, political career and successes, exile and death.

Aquino Center Tarlac Luisita  (6).jpg
One of the many photos on display of Sen. Ninoy

Another segment in the museum is the displays of President Corazon Aquino’s valuable diplomatic gifts, honoris causa, and other valuable presents from different key global political figures and monarchs. Also on display are her personal art masterpieces, and portraits of the First Family. The first female president of the Philippines is known for her humble and modest demeanor and love of her country.

I wish that I could have shared more what I have learned, but it is best to see and learn it first hand with the museum curator and team members.

The Aquino Center and Museum is located at Luisita Industrial Park Road, Luisita, San Miguel, Tarlac. Museum hours from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Contact details: 

  • Landline: +63 45 985 0968 / +63 45 985 0969
  • Email: aquinocenter@ncaf.ph

How to go:

  • Drive – From Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to San Miguel Tollgate. Take Luisita Access Road. The museum is located on the right side of the road (westbound)

Experience farming life in EDL Farmhouse

EDL Farms Breakfast Buffet Tarlac (39).jpg

Escape the stress of the daily commute and the metro’s hustle and bustle with a taste of farm life in EDL farms. Strategically located near the national highway in Capas, the farm is indeed convenient to visit. EDL farm features both livestock and plant yields. A day tour involves visiting and experiences surely that would delight every member of the family and barkada. It is also a good teambuilding destination and events place, thanks to its indoor hotel section and a huge convention hall.

What amaze me most with EDL Farms are its various research and development projects they currently have. It is my first time to witness aquaponics – the synergistic co-existing of the live fishes and plants that are both organic and sustainable. They also have research on creating best yields for herbal cultivations and even vermiculture. They have a dedicated section of the farm for tourists to experience.

Another exciting experience is feeding activities of various cattle and goats. How about having bonding sessions with calves and kids? Cool, isn’t it.

With their priority research and development projects, I am sure that EDL farms would spearhead pioneering innovations that would be significant in both sectors of tourism and agriculture, in the near future.

Contact Details:

  • Mobile: +63 917 709 6908
  • Email: thefarmhousebyedl@gmail.com; info@edlfarmtourism.com
  • Website: EDL Farm Tourism 
  • Address: EDL Drive, Brgy. Dolores Capas, Tarlac 2315

How to go:

  • Drive from Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to Concepcion tollgate. Proceed to Capas Junction and U-turn to McArthur Highway. Turn left to Welcome Arch of Brgy. Dolores. You may ask for the tricycle drivers for directions.
  • Commute: take Tarlac-bound/passing bus. Alight near Welcome Arch of Brgy. Dolores, take a tricycle to EDL Farmhouse.

Saunter the halls in the Aquino Family Ancestral House

Aquino Residence Concepcion Tarlac Travel Guide Blog (7).jpg

Located approximately two blocks from the plaza of Concepcion town, the two-story house of the Aquino Family is beautifully preserved throughout the decades. Apart from the Aquino Center, visiting this very home where Senator Ninoy spent his younger years will help you connect more with him. The property sits on a spacious lot with different decades-old fruit-bearing trees. The house features traditional wood decorated interiors.

Reminder upon entering the house, it is important to remove your shoes or sandals.

 We entered through the main door to their living room. On display are different family pictures of the Aquino clan. The elaborate sala sets are placed at the center. There are Cleopatra pieces near the huge windows. Next is the huge dining room that features a long table with more than a dozen chairs. Being a political clan, this is a must since they have to receive many visitors from time to time, I think.

Connecting the top floor is the wooden grand staircase that features a huge window that cast elegant illumination on the steps. Once at the top floor, you would notice the altar at the common area. Also, the original light switches are still there. The bedrooms, however, feature just beds and the remaining installed cabinets and dressers. It is quite creepy to walk around the rooms since of the eerie quietness.

I could only imagine how vibrant this house during the years it was occupied.

To visit the ancestral house, coordinate first with Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau through their Facebook account TCVB

How to go:

  • From Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to Concepcion tollgate. Turn right to Concepcion-Magalang road, turn left to Concepcion junction. turn right from Savemore Concepcion branch. Turn right to A. Luna Street.


Need to fill those hungry bellies? Tarlac province has many restaurants you can try, and here the few of the many recommended ones:

Balai de Lorenzo Weekend Buffet

EDL Farms Breakfast Buffet Tarlac (43) copy.jpg

A weekend breakfast buffet housed in an airconditioned huge dining hall within the EDL Farmhouse property is now open, featuring a wide array of breakfast choices for an introductory price of Php249 per pax (as of writing).

The weekend buffet is housed on a spacious high ceilinged hall adorned with beautiful lighting installations and woodworks. There are open-air alfresco type dining tables outside with views of the Cabusilan mountain ranges if you wish to dine with a view of nature.

EDL Farms Breakfast Buffet Tarlac (26).jpg
Open Air Dining Area

Thank you to Ms. Karen Lacsamana of Tarlac Conventions and Visitors Bureau (TCVB), we got access to experience the launch of this lovely weekend buffet.

What is on the buffet table? 

The dishes are grouped per station, Balai de Lorenzo has 9 Food stations you can try:

  • Salad Bar – serves salad staples like lettuces, julienned carrots, and different dressings
  • Kakanin Section – serves sapin sapin, cassava cake, and maja blanca
  • Juice Bar – serves lime juice, iced tea and lemon water.
  • Live Omelet and Waffle Station – serves omelets and waffles made your way with their live kitchen.
  • Arroz Caldo and Champorado Station – Pinoy classics soothing for your hungry tummy.
  • Breakfast Cereal Station – indulge with crispy cornflakes with milk.
  • Bread Station – different spreads to be matched with pandesal and baguette slices.
  • Coffee Station – coffee and tea to perk up your mornings.
  • Main Dishes Station – features heavy viands fit for breakfast.

What I love about the Balai de Lorenzo is its dedicated service to their customers. The waiting staff are attentive and accommodating. The dishes served are fresh and palatable. I cannot vouch for the pork dishes since I do not eat pork. The coffee does not taste like paper. The stations are appropriately and strategically located within the dining hall to scatter the queue of the dining customers.

Balai de Lorenzo Weekend Buffet runs from 7:00AM to 10:00AM every Saturdays and Sundays. The Farm operations are from 7:00AM – 10:00PM

Contact Details:

  • Mobile: +63 917 709 6908
  • Email: thefarmhousebyedl@gmail.com; info@edlfarmtourism.com
  • Website: EDL Farm Tourism 
  • Address: EDL Drive, Brgy. Dolores Capas, Tarlac 2315

How to go:

  • Drive from Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to Concepcion tollgate. Proceed to Capas Junction and U-turn to McArthur Highway. Turn left to Welcome Arch of Brgy. Dolores. You may ask for the tricycle drivers for directions.
  • Commute: take Tarlac-bound/passing bus. Alight near Welcome Arch of Brgy. Dolores, take a tricycle to EDL Farmhouse.

D&C Cuisine

D&C Cuisine Tarlac Recommended Restaurants (9) copy.jpg

For me, this is my comfort food go-to restaurant in Tarlac City, D&C Cuisine offers Pinoy dishes perfected with their standard of cooking. Since 1982, they are already serving the locals of Tarlac City with the casual barbecue type (ihaw ihaw). With the growing demand, D&C Cuisine transitioned to serving more dishes, from tapsilogs to sisig. It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with the second-generation owner, Sir Djerick, on sharing their restaurant’s success stories and how they came up with their menu. He himself learned the passion of cooking from his parents, and eventually, developed his own style of cooking. The restaurant can house a maximum of 50 customers in one seating.

D&C Cuisine is famous for its Tapsilog and “should be taken out” chili paste. Aside from having to order from a menu, there is a “turo turo” style viands on display you can order at their service counter and consume in a flash if you are in a hurry. Apart from the Pinoy traditional homecooked style meals, they have offerings for the sweet tooth customers, deserts! I personally loved the leche flan – its consistency is creamy, not too sweet and void of the “malansa” aftertaste – two thumbs up for me. D&C means Dante and Corazon – Sir Djerick’s parents.

D&C Cuisine Tarlac Recommended Restaurants (8).jpg
With Sir Djerick, Ms. Tina Punzal of hungrytravelduo,com, and Sir Arian of Microtel Luisita

Here are the dishes we tried with D&C.

  • Kare Kare – the peanut sauce is rich and thick, the vegetables are not overcooked and the shrimp paste (bagoong) is heaven. It is recommended to have all of its elements in one spoon to enjoy that heavenly bursting with savory flavor goodness.
  • Tapsilog – the blend of sweet and salty flavors of the tapa is two-thumbs up. The tapa meat is tender as well and the prepared vinegar dip is perfect! All day breakfast? This is the one!
  • Beef Mami – the noodles are al dente, the soup is flavored with anise, which is a good surprise and the beef meat is tender and tasty. If ever I will be caught craving for  a rich soup, this would be my go-to should I be in Tarlac City.
  • Chicharon Bulaklak – one of the best I tried ever. According to Sir Djerick, they carefully cleaned the mesentery parts and deep-fried to perfection only with new/unused cooking oil.
  • Sisig – the aroma itself will make your stomach rumble. The chopped onions are not overcooked too. Good news! – no egg and mayonnaise!
  • Leche Flan – the flan is smooth in texture and stable. The sweetness is not overpowering and not “malansa“.
  • Sago at Gulaman – refreshing childhood favorite
  • Mais con Yelo – perfect blend of cream and corn flavors.

We are personally accompanied by Sir Arian Esplanada, one of the active officers of the Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau and Operations Manager of Microtel by Wyndham Luisita.

The restaurant is operating daily but during these hours from 10:30AM – 2:00PM and 5:30PM to 10:00PM.

How to go:

  • Drive from Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to Concepcion tollgate. Proceed to Capas Junction and U-turn to McArthur Highway. Turn left at the Y-Road (after SM City Tarlac) and stop at Conchita Street corner.

Peri Peri Restaurant

Peri Peri Tarlac Recommend Restaurant Blog Review (5) copy
House Platter

A recommended restaurant within easy reach, Peri Peri is just along the National Highway in Capas and is easily identifiable. The restaurant features a high ceilinged dining area with a grand chandelier as the main lighting centerpiece, exuding an elegant warm glow throughout its reach. The dining tables are readily set with basic cutlery set.

Peri Peri Tarlac Recommend Restaurant Blog Review (2).jpg
With Ms. Karen of Aquino Center, Sir RJ and Sir Arian of Microtel Luisita

The Peri Peri staff are in their semi-formal uniforms, thus, giving you a touch of a formal dining experience.  After my first dining experience, this is now my go-to full-service restaurant in Capas. The name of the restaurant is hailed from an African Hot Sauce that is made of red chili peppers. Are the dishes there all spicy? No, the menu features Filipino inspired dishes that locals and foreign visitors would really love.

Here are the dishes that we tried:

  • Fisherman’s Soup Ala Peri Peri (Php220)- I loved how the shrimp and squid bits are infused in the thick and creamy soup and is not “malansa“.
  • Peri Peri Fried Rice (Php245) – moist fried rice with seafood and spicy blends.
  • House Platter (Php845) – Grilled Stuffed Squid, Prawn, Sausage, Pork Barbecue Skewers, and Salted Egg and Fern Fiddlehead.
  • Pako Ensalada (Php235)  – fresh and crunchy fern fiddlehead salad with salted egg partnered by their signature vinaigrette dip. This triggers a lot of memories when I was young since my grannies always serve us this dish as afternoon snack when we spend vacation in Macabebe, Pampanga.
  • Kare Bagnet (Php335) – thick rich peanut sauce with heavenly bagoong. The sauce really defined this.
  • Chili Garlic Prawns (Php375) – tender and flavorful big prawns. Easy to peel meaty prawns flavored with garlic and partnered with the Fried rice – a great play of flavors inside our mouth.
  • Peri Peri Fried Chicken (Php260 half, Php350 whole) – stuffed fried whole chicken with crispy skin and tender moist meat.
  • Roast Beef with Mushroom and Pepper Sauce (Php350) – flavorful and tender beef meat with scoops of their creamy mashed potato. You really have to fight for your mashed potato serving – a must try. Hope I can have a whole huge bowl of it and consume it while watching series at home.

Follow their Facebook page: Peri Peri Restaurant & Catering Services for  inquiries and updates. They also do caterings to various occasions – intimate to large events.

How to go:

  • Drive: from Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to Concepcion, turn left to Magalang-Concepcion Road, make a U-Turn to McArthur Highway  (near McDonald’s Capas Branch). The restaurant is located on the right side if driving northbound.


The Shed @ 2828  Garden Café

The Shed Garden Cafe Tarlac Recommended Restaurant in Tarlac Blog Review (11) copy.jpg

Operated by a kitchen powerhouse duo – Steven and Malou, partner in business and in real life, who are health and organic process advocates. The Shed brings you to a different gastronomic experience, where the ambiance will bring you back to dining basics – eating with nature. The restaurant features a modest kitchen and limited seats only. An extension of more seats is located below the “aratilis” tree. It is noticeable that they have a garden at the back where they pick some of their ingredients for their dishes – talk about garden to table restaurant model.

The Shed Tarlac Recommended Restaurant Travel Blog (1).jpg

Recommended Dishes

  • Steak of Champions (Php490) – Anatomy: two  sunny side up organic eggs on top of a medium-rare herbed and seasoned steak, with potato chips, grilled tomatoes, homemade tomato based sauce and their another signature steak sauce. For me, the best part is taking the egg yolk with a bite of the steak with the tomato sauce – OH LA LA! Heaven!
  • Roast Chicken Salad (Php180) – loved the freshly made salad with blue ternate flowers, the dressing too has this perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors.
  • Chili Chicken and Chips (Php260) – having a Bicolano blood running through my veins, this is a treat for my taste buds. The spicy flavors would really awaken my appetite.
  • Traditional English Fish and Chips (Php280) – According to Steven, a Scottish, this is how they serve their fish and chips – a whole slab of coated fish fillet deep-fried. calling all mushroom lovers – this is your best choice to munch on those crispy fried slices of tasty yet healthy mushrooms, perfectly season too and is a heaven on the tastebuds.
  • Mushroom Tempura (Php350 regular, Php200 small) – calling all mushroom lovers – this is your best choice to munch on those crispy fried slices of tasty yet healthy mushrooms, perfectly season too and is a heaven on the tastebuds.
  • Deviled Avocado and Chicken Sandwich (Php220) – spicy food is a thing for me, and hearing just the name of the dish makes my mouth water. I loved how they turned the avocado meat to a smooth and savory spread.


  • Blue Ternate
  • Lemon Grass Tea
  • Commercial Beers
The Shed Garden Cafe Tarlac Recommended Restaurant in Tarlac Blog Review (7).jpg
Lemongrass Tea and Blue Ternate Tea

Their menu is simple and only chosen dishes they have perfected are on display. Each dish you will see posted on their blackboard menu has undergone multiple trials and scrutinized for quality and taste before they got the right combination. Truly, the quality of their dishes are top-notch and had started to gain traction of loyal customers and increasing new diners.

Serving and eating organic – this is what Steven and Malou is promoting. Seating with them and listening with their stories on how they really are serious with organic farming is mind enriching. Steven shared on how he taught local farmers in this practice, how he dealt with the negative reception of the idea, and to be able to influence the farmers. I have also learned about whiskeys. He is a whiskey-drinker, indeed. Steven mentioned a lot of variations of whiskey which I never heard about. My initial understanding, since I drank before different brands of that hard liquor, it does not mean I am drinker, he corrected me that I just taste whiskey – a mind opener for me.

Malou, a pharmacist herself, also shared shifting to herbals in treating mild ailments. Understanding the side effects and reactions of the drugs from her previous profession, this prompted her and advocated to obtain treatments from nature.  The less than two-hour we spent sharing stories seemed a whole day. I really learned a lot by listening to their perspectives. The humble spirit the couple has will really bring them to continued progress. I wish them success in every way.

For dine-in seat reservations and deliveries, you can contact them at +63 922 786 6940

Check updates with their Facebook page: The Shed at 2828 and Instagram: @TheShedat2828

Let the tired and belly filled body rest and relax in one of the most recommended business hotels in Tarlac -Microtel by Wyndham Luisita!


Microtel by Wyndham Luisita Tarlac Blog Review (6)

It is one of the established and recommended business hotels in the Luisita area. Strategically located near the Luisita Business Park in a quiet and peaceful area, the hotel is within easy reach of different establishments that are certainly convenient for its guests. Microtel by Wyndham Luisita has an overall 50 guest rooms and has 1-Queen Bed Room, 2-Queen Bed Room, and a Queen Bed Suite Room selections.

Microtel by Wyndham Luisita Tarlac Blog Review (11).jpg
24 hour Reception Desk

Microtel Luisita Features that I love:

  • Free-flowing Coffee – I am a caffeine dependent person, and this kept me abreast of my required caffeine intake to perk up my idea
  • Spacious Suite Room Set Up – allows more movement within the room, and does not feel cramped.
  • Huge Bed – the size would up to 3 persons and loved its firmness, good support for my back. I’ve got less toss and turns during my sleep.
  • Functioning Bathtub – soothing for my back pain after having a quick warm bath.
  • Humidifier – good for my rhinitis
  • Fast Wifi Connection – a huge plus for a semi-digital nomad like me. I was able to upload media contents with fewer lags and able to correspond through emails. Devices get disconnected if unused or in sleep mode.
  • Surrounding greeneries – the hotel itself is a destination, need a nature’s embrace? Just stroll outside the hotel and enjoy the green surroundings.
  • 24-hour food vending – Since I usually draft articles late at night, I was able to get chips to munch on while working at the wee hours of the night.
  • In-Room Massage Service – This is a plus! Only available until 11:00PM, you can request through their friendly reception by dialing 0. The cost of massage service ranges from Php600 and up.
  • Heartfelt Service – from my checking in and out, the assistance of the hotel team is in indeed a two thumbs up. I got the necessary information and services I need in a snap.
  • Free Pick Up/Drop Off – a prearranged service by the hotel within Luisita Business Area.
  • Hand Sanitizers – there are hand sanitizers located in common strategic areas within the hotel.
  • Buffet Breakfast – breakfast is vital for me to kickstart my day and having breakfast with brewed coffee is a huge plus! What did they serve? Steamed rice, omelet, hotdog, fried dried fish (favorite), soup, cereals, fruits and free-flowing brewed ❤ coffee.
  • Water dispensers – I won’t survive a day with just a glass of water, thankfully they have dispensers where I could refill for my hydration. I always use my Klean Kanteen Insulated Flask to keep my water cold for long periods of time.

Microtel by Wyndham Luisita has currently a promo running: Barkada Getaway Deals, for Php4,000, 4 pax in double room inclusive of breakfast. This is a steal! Hoping they could have a swimming pool in the future.

The hotel is located at Hacidenda Luisita, San Miguel, Tarlac 2301, Philippines.

Contact Details:

How to go: Drive – From Manila, take NLEX/SCTEX and exit to San Miguel Tollgate. Take Luisita Access Road. Microtel Tarlac is located on the right side of the road (westbound)

My heartfelt thanks to the TARLAC CONVENTIONS and VISITORS BUREAU and the PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF TARLAC for this amazing experience of the province. Surely, I barely scratched the surface of its tourism industry, and I will be back to keep exploring Tarlac’s beauty!

tcvb logo.jpg

Please note that prices indicated in this article may change without prior notice. 


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  10. Wow, this is a very comprehensive article about Tarlac! I have only been to Kart City. That Shed is truly interesting for me as a foodie, and I saw Tina there with you in one of the restaurants. 🙂 The Obelisk seems too eerie and wonderful to visit at the same time. Thanks for taking me to Tarlac without actually being there 🙂


  11. I’m literally a few hours away from Tarlac and I didn’t even know na madami din palang pwedeng puntahan doon. I’m very interested in farming so I’m pinning EDL Farmhouse!


  12. Never thought na andame ding palang pwedeng mapasyalan sa Tarlac. Gusto ko ung sa Farm and Kart City. Magugustuhan ng mga kids ko yan!


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