A Weekend Trip in AURORA and NUEVA ECIJA

The Region of Central Luzon spans from the Eastern Coast to the Western Coast of Luzon Island, boasting picturesque seascapes and breathtaking skylines that would certainly captivate its visitors and locals alike. Dominating the western part of the region, the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Aurora have destinations near to each other and are a good destination to spend a weekend.

Dingalan Aurora Batanes of the East Travel Guide Itinerary Budget (16).JPG
Amazing coast of Dingalan

With good road networks connecting these destinations from the main urban zones of the neighboring regions, ease of accessibility is a definite one and transits would be fast and comfortable. More road major networks are currently on construction, linking the provincial roads to the expressways, thus, carving huge amounts of time away in traveling here. Starting off with Nueva Ecija, its western zone is dominated by the Sierra Madre mountain range, and whenever there are mountains, tributaries would be definitely present.

Gabaldon Nueva Ecija Waterfalls Mt Sawi Travel Guide Budget Itinerary (11).jpg
Picnic Site

One of the destinations worth your time is Gabaldon Falls, a single cascade waterfalls of cool and clear waters meandering the foothills of the mountain ranges of its source. One must register at Gabaldon Tourism Office, a quick run through with your guides and off you go. As for our experience, we are whisked by a 4×4 ride through the mountain roads going to the jump-off point.

Gabaldon Nueva Ecija Waterfalls Mt Sawi Travel Guide Budget Itinerary (4).jpg
View of the valley from the jump off point

Spectacular views of the valley below and cool winds welcome us as we continue to increase our altitude. As per the guide, experienced hikers could reach the spot within 10-15 minutes, and beginners at about half an hour on average. The trail leads to a descending yet established footpath of rocky reddish soil. Before reaching the river, huts are available for rent and groups could opt to lounge here. River crossings are my favorite part of the trail and current is at its safe strength to pass through. We sauntered under a thick canopy still on an established footpath until we reached the main catchbasin of the falls.

Gabaldon Nueva Ecija Waterfalls Mt Sawi Travel Guide Budget Itinerary (6).jpg
the mighty Gabaldon Falls (Photo by Travel Tayo PH)

Reward yourself with a splash on its deep pools of clear and cool waters. You have the option to take the same trail or another path leading to NEUST grounds. The latter is a longer trail however on a fairly flat and of lesser inclines. More river crossings and rock scramblings were our hurdles on way back, yet a great experience.

The next activity is the Dupinga River Tubing activity. From NEUST, going to the river resort is about less than an hour drive and the Gabaldon Bridge is your main landmark. Once at the bridge, the river resort features erected huts over pebble shores with views of the seemingly raging river. Enjoy the current with a rubber tube you can rent and have your wild roller coaster ride there. You will also enjoy the relaxing view of the vast plains and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Gabaldon Nueva Ecija Waterfalls Mt Sawi Travel Guide Budget Itinerary (17).jpg
Favorite flavors of PUNO ICE CREAM in GABALDON!


Having sweet tooth cravings? Head out and try its local ice cream – PUNO’s! We loved the Cheese Cashew Macapuno flavor one.

Dingalan Aurora Batanes of the East Travel Guide Itinerary Budget (2).JPG
Marvel the picturesque sunrise in DINGALAN!

After a tiring day of adventures, the neighboring Dingalan is ready to welcome your tired body. Beach resorts dot its long pebbly coast and choice is seemingly endless. Wake up with sunrise at the horizon, a perfect to start another day full of adventure. At the Dingalan Feeder port, coordinate your boat hopping activity and navigate through its mountainous coast.

Visiting Dingalan is best enjoyed during the summer months to avoid the strong waves during monsoon seasons. In good sea conditions, your boatmen can easily navigate its coastline.

Dingalan Aurora Batanes of the East Travel Guide Itinerary Budget (15).JPG
up to 4 small boats could fit inside LAMAO CAVE

About an hour from the Feeder Port, you will reach Lamao Cave, a huge outlet facing the sea where boatmen can safely navigate inside with calm waves. After which you can stop at various rock formations near the towering cliffs, just be careful when approaching the rocks.

In order to reach the lighthouse in Dingalan, ask the boat to dock on its famous beach and from there, you can start your trek. The trail features an established ascending path with varying steepness. There are support ropes to aid you in its steep inclines. Once there, you will be rewarded with the commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. There are different view decks there too and are well frequented by tourists. The trek would last from about 20 – 45 minutes depending on physical capacity.

After a grueling trek, you can rest at the beach while sipping fresh Coconut Juice, bask under the sun, enjoy the sea, or might as well practice your volleyball spikes there. There are cottages you can rent and overnight stay is possible. Coordinate with your boatmen your schedule and would suggest bringing your food and beverages because of high prices at the beach. Electricity is sourced from solar energy. There is a water pump in the common area if you need fresh water for washing.

Another option to go to the beach is hiking by the shore which will take about an hour in average. If doing this, please coordinate still with the Tourism Officer in duty.

Dingalan Aurora Batanes of the East Travel Guide Itinerary Budget (12).JPG
Interesting cliffs

For tour guiding assistance, you can contact Ms. Jane Abaya with mobile number +63 938-453-0802, she is an accredited guide.

This product presentation tour is set by the Department of Tourism – Central Luzon and handled by Sir Peter Lising of M.A.G. Travel and Tours. The overall experience is unforgettable and exhilarating as more destination in our region is now open for tourism. Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Pia Manabat of DOT-III for taking care of us during the stay. The warm and attentive care of Sir Peter Lising is notable as participants are pampered on the next level.

You can contact M.A.G. Travel and Tours through mobile numbers 0927-486-2597 and email magtravelair@gmail.com for quality group or personalized tours.



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  1. We’ve only been to Baler 5 years ago. Super dami pa talaga namin di napupuntahan. I’ve seen a lot of awesome photos din sa Dingalan. Hopefully, after the ECQ when every thing’s back to normal, we can all travel again.


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