NUEVA ECIJA: New destinations Travel Report

Being a rice granary province of our dear nation, who would have thought that a vast flatland could be hiding tourism gems within its borders? The Province of Nueva Ecija has them. From picturesque mountain trails, hilly scapes, breathtaking views of vast plains, and new promising destinations. This province is famous for the Pantabangan Dam, Mt. 387 in Carranglan, Mt. Sawi of Gabaldon, the Science City of Munoz, tricycle city of Cabanatuan and many more!

Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (7).JPG
Breathtaking view of Cuyapo proper

Amongst its municipalities, CUYAPO is located on its northwestern borders and is proximal to Tarlac and Pangasinan provinces. This quaint town holds a growing center, vast rice plantations and two mountains that define its skyline – Mt. Bulaylay and Mt. Bangkay. This towering mounds of rock and soil hold another new adventure destination in Nueva Ecija. A serene lake that holds a mystical past poise as a next tourist destination too – that is Paitang Lake, roughly about 15-18 kilometers from Cuyapo’s town center. As the current administration has signed into law the Republic Act 11406, otherwise known as, An Act Declaring Mount Bulaylay a Tourist Destination, a law that would appropriate funds to spur development on the new site.

Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (10).JPG
Landing platform of the Zipline Ride

Mt. Bulaylay, towering at 286 meters above sea level,  is a multi-peak mountain and holds zipline equipment with the ability to whisk a tandem ride. The zipline platform is connected by a well-paved road from the main provincial road – and that’s GOOD NEWS!. Going here does not require a grueling trek. Once there, you will be rewarded with the panoramic view of Cuyapo downtown, the neighboring Mt. Bangkay, the skyline of the Caraballo and Cordillera mountain ranges. Adoring this beautiful landscape is the snaking TPLEX where traveling vehicles seem like matchbox size toys. What is best on this site also, you can enjoy a boodle fight lunch whilst enjoying calming views and, of course, fresh air!

Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (9).JPG
Breathtaking view
Boodle fight in Cuyapo Mt. Bulaylay.JPG
Boodle Fight!

Features of the zipline adventure ride are:

  • Tandem Ride
  • Seating position or Superman Position
  • 560 meters total length of ride

Rates as of writing:

  • Regular Rate: Php150.00
  • Student Rate: Php100.00 – bring a valid school ID
Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (8).JPG
Zipline rules

Another historical site is the Apolinario Mabini monument, erected as a memory of where the exact home Apolinario Mabini is caught by the American soldiers. It is located near the residential area of Cuyapo.

Apolinario Mabini Shrine in Cuyapo.jpg
Apolinario Mabini Monument
Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (12).JPG
Site under developement

On its current developing state, the Flora and Fauna Farm will soon be ready for an agricultural tourism destinations in Cuyapo. As mention by Sir Danlou Calugay, the Municipal Tourism Officer of Cuyapo, visitors will be able to experience fruits like Durian and Marang here. Camping sites will be developed for overnight accommodation and more farm and adventure activities soon!

Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (13).JPG
Road leading to the farm

Best way to cap the day? Indulge with their version of Fajardo HALO HALO! Delectable toppings and refreshing ice-cold Filipino dessert favorite.

Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (1).JPG
Refreshing Halo Halo!

With the current LGU administration’s thrusts to improve and develop Cuyapo’s tourism potential, plans and projects are at way. Expect more promising sites in Cuyapo in the near future!

Cuyapo Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (2).JPG
walking tour around the Cuyapo Municipal Hall

Another municipality features a faith-tourism destination – this is in Nampicuan. For Catholics, you can rever relics at the Holy Face of Jesus Shrine. The church structure features a modern brick wall exterior and whilst adobe bricks adore its interiors and arch structures connecting the columns. Its administration building on its sinister side also has a picturesque facade.

Visiting Cuyapo can be grouped with Anao, Tarlac, and Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija as a day tour activity is perfect for family, friends and as a school activity too.


Morning Activity:

  • Visit the Ylang Ylang Center in Anao, Tarlac
  • Light snack in Kape Agape
  • Visit the Holy Shrine in Nampicuan


  • Rolling in Cuyapo downtown


  • Boodle fight in Mt. Bulaylay
  • Zipline ride
anao-nampicuan-cuyapo map copy tourist spots.png
Tourist destination location

This familiarization tour is set by the Department of Tourism – Central Luzon and handled by Sir Peter Lising of M.A.G. Travel and Tours. The overall experience is unforgettable and exhilarating as more destination in our region is now open for tourism. Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Pia Manabat of DOT-III for taking care of us during the stay. The tour handler also involved an accredited tour guide in the person of Sir Paul John Gopez, who is proud of his Aeta Lineage. The warm and attentive care of Sir Peter Lising is notable as participants are pampered on the next level.

You can contact M.A.G. Travel and Tours through mobile numbers 0927-486-2597 and email for quality group or personalized tours.

More photos: 

Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (6)
Yummy boodle fight
Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (3)
Historical Lamp Post
Cuyap Mt. Bulaylay Farm Tour (4)
Cuyapo’s Bring Home Treats


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