Located at the Northwestern borders of Tarlac province, the municipality of Anao is blessed with fertile flatlands and perennial tropical weather suitable for the cultivation of Ylang Ylang trees.

ylang ylang farm anao tarlac.JPG
Picking of mature flowers at the farm

The concept of initiating an Ylang Ylang processing center started in the 1980s by the current mayor during that time. They planted young trees nearby the main road as ease for access. The Ylang Ylang tree is understood to start flowering by 4-5 years after. The peak season is every January to May.

anao tarlac ylang ylang processing center (3).jpg
The processing center signage

Quick Facts:

  • Scientific Name: Cananga odorata
  • Other international names: Kenanga (Indonesia), Kradangnga (Thai)
  • Taxonomy: Kingdom PLANTAE Order MAGNOLIALES Family ANNONACEAE Genus Cananga
  • Average Tree Height: 39-40 feet
  • Flower Characteristic: mature flowers for processing has yellow petals and reddish center.

The Ylang Ylang processing starts by harvesting the characteristic mature flowers and placed in collection bags. Once a considerable amount of flowers are collected, the yield is transferred to the collection facility and are individually inspected for quality. After which, the flowers are placed directly in the extraction units. The process is called Distillation that can reach an average of 8 hours.

anao tarlac ylang ylang processing center (5).jpg
Mr. Echo Sambo inspecting an extraction unit

Each distillation barrels can hold a maximum of 20 kilograms of ylang-ylang flowers. The entire distillation process yields three levels of extracts. The biggest extractor of Anao Processing Center can hold a maximum of 50-kilogram yield of ylang-ylang flowers.

The first extract is used for perfume and the process lasts approximately 4 hours. The second extract is commonly used for spas and massages is the next two hours and the third extract utilized to scent soaps is the usual last approximate two hours. Each extractor unit is composed of a boiler, condenser, and separator. Each extractor unit costs approximately Php200,000 each and is funded by a South Korean investor and supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

anao tarlac ylang ylang processing center (2).jpg
The valuable Ylang Ylang extract

The Ylang Ylang essential oil is valued at Php50.00 / ml as of writing. Usual retail volume comes in 40ml bottles. The essential oil bottles can be bought as souvenir items at the Anao Pasalubong Center. The processing center is also open to supply hotels and spas.

  • Believed Therapeutic Effects (but needs further studies):
  • Promotes relaxation and calming
  • Improve thinking and memory skills
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Adjunct treatment of head lice


After your experience at the processing center, you can proceed to the nearby Kape Agape. A coffee shop and restaurant that serves the iconic PANCIT ANAO! We are privileged to try one round of it and it was really good! I love the al dente noodles mixed with meat and fresh vegetable servings. Its sauce is at the salty-sweet-spicy side flavors making you to crave more. The coffee shop started last 2017 and offers a homy and well-decorated interiors. Kape Agape is managed by a youth church organization. The shop is gaining traction of local returning customers and tourists alike, also has been featured in mainstream TV magazine shows. Like their Facebook page to get updates with their store.

anao tarlac ylang ylang processing center (1).jpg
Taking out PANCIT ANAO (Photo by Bee Caluya)

This familiarization tour is set by the Department of Tourism – Central Luzon and handled by Sir Peter Lising of M.A.G. Travel and Tours. The overall experience is unforgettable and exhilarating as more destination in our region is now open for tourism. Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Pia Manabat of DOT-III for taking care of us during the stay. The tour handler also involved an accredited tour guide in the person of Sir Paul John Gopez, who is proud of his Aeta Lineage. The warm and attentive care of Sir Peter Lising is notable as participants are pampered on the next level.

You can contact M.A.G. Travel and Tours through mobile numbers 0927-486-2597 and email magtravelair@gmail.com



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