NLEX | SCTEX – more than toll and expressway

Toll plaza balintawak lakbay norte 9.jpg

A crucial link between the province of Pampanga and NCR, NLEX has been part of our lives since its completion, living up its goal – convenience and connectivity for commuters. The North Philippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB) organized the LAKBAY NORTE 9, in partnership with NLEX Corporation, Victory Liner Inc., La Union Convention and Visitors Bureau (LUCVB) and Pangasinan Vistors Bureau (PVB), a tourism activity to promote the Northern Luzon area and its main connectivity – the NLEX and SCTEX.

NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (11).jpg
Reflectorized Vest to complete the feel! Photo by: Benzi Florendo

A massive expressway requires a complex organization to manage its operations and maintenance. We are given access in its two crucial division – the Traffic Control and the Toll Supervision. Starting off the tour, we are welcomed at the Traffic Control Room Media Area Area and are able to witness firsthand their actual operations. Sir Jojie, TC Supervisor, has discussed crucial functions of their role and its part in the implementation of our current traffic laws.

Here are some facts I learned about their traffic control operations:

  • As of writing, they have 120 installed HD CCTVS with 360degrees swivel and zoom functionalities. These are found from Balintawak Toll Plaza to Sta. Ines Toll Booth in Mabalacat City, Pampanga.
  • They have Speed Regulation Team to apprehend overspeeding drivers They have 24/7 Patrollers making rounds within their assigned loops. Currently, they have 4 Loops. They pay particular attention to CCTV blindspots.
  • They have Lane Management Team to apprehend the overloading vehicles. This function is crucial as it minimizes the rapid deterioration of the expressway.
Toll Supervision Room .jpg
Toll Supervision Room in Balintawak Toll Plaza

Another experience, which I really enjoyed, is the tour in their Toll Supervision Division. We are welcomed by Ms. Clarice and ushered us to their very office. We are instructed to divest all coins and bills in the frisking area. We are able to witness Toll Booth staff making cash counts prior to remittance. Inside their office, they have separate CCTVs and intercoms to each individual toll booths. After, we are led to the long ramp connecting the admin building to the Toll Plaza – this is the long caged overpass we see as we pass by the toll plaza. When I was young, it is my wish to walk that ramp and is made real with this tour. We descended at the Toll Booths level and able to witness the actual booth operations. Mind you, each toll booth is really cold! Our tour ended with a sumptuous breakfast buffet!

NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (15).jpg
Experiencing the catwalk! Photo by: Benzi Florendo
NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (17)
Our Buffet Breakfast | Photo: Benzi Florendo
NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (8)
Admin Building Facade
NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (9)
Inside a Toll Booth
NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (10)
The NLEX Balintawak Toll Plaza
NLEX balintawak tollgate lakbay norte 9 (14)
View from the catwalk | Photo: Benzi Florendo

Once again, thank you NLEX/SCTEX!

Lakbay Norte 9 is also sponsored by the Department of Tourism – Region I, Victory Liner, PTT, Belo Sun Expert, Kremil-S Advance and Myra E by Unilab, Locally, Cafe Amazon and Klean Kanteen.

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One thought on “NLEX | SCTEX – more than toll and expressway

  1. So many processes go into the duties inside Nlex and Sctex! Those HD CCTVs, whoa, walang takas talaga! hehe btw, I see a friend there with you from Baguio, Kuya Kiko! 🙂


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