10 Ways to Save While Travelling

Having visited many places around our country, I have learned different realizations and learnings from each travel experience. Upon taking the flight back to reality, we sometimes seat staring at our airplane window seat, I could have done this or that to save. Never regret it, but learn from it. This is how I improved on planning travel itineraries prior to embarkation on the next adventure.

Sharing my thoughts on how I enjoy my travels, maximizing the itineraries without costing my arm or kidney:

  1. AIRLINE SEAT SALE is LIFE! – I am one of the travellers who actively monitors airline seat sales! Checking e-mail alerts and social media accounts is one of my daily routines should I be digitally connected. Another tip on this is to find the best-paired dates to get the best deal – you really have the comb the airline website. Also, try to check the same routes on other airline sites and compare. My travel schedule is highly dependent on these seat sales. There is no way on earth I will stash up cash for year-round fares. Don’t let the long waiting time kill the excitement before the flight. Proactively, plan well the itinerary and maximize the waiting period in saving up for your fund.Β  Don’t skip the fares on sea ferries too. You may want to try the sea route and experience its difference from air travel. With big shipping lines, they offer hotel-like amenities however with a hefty price tag.

    DSC_3698 - Copy
    Arrival in Tacloban Airport
  2. RESEARCH ABOUT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SCHEDULE – Is it not liberating to explore the place the local way? But why would I try this? It’s helpful for our wallets, sans the waiting time in terminals. Research might be quite tedious but is really helpful. Better arm yourself with the basic knowledge of the public transport routes and the fares. I always ask the First Trip and Last Trip of critical routes as you do not want to be hell-stuck in a place and to go out requires an action that is heavy in your pocket.

    Calesa in Tuguegarao City
  3. HARNESS SOCIAL MEDIA – Instagram and Couchsurfing are my go-to mobile applications in checking out what is happening recently in the place I am planning to visit. This would be my best source of mainstream and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Another platform where I lay my domino-effect questions. Calling all INSTAGRAM FRIENDS – my heartfelt thanks!

    Meet Sir RJ, a teacher in Cagayan de Oro City and he brought me around Northern Mindanao. Please follow his amazing adventures on Instagram @wanderguy_14
  4. BLOGS ARE HELPFUL – I laud bloggers who share their holistic experiences fully. These articles set my expectation of the place – what to do and what not to do. Their share of their actual detailed expenses is heaven! You just have to cross-check if the article is recent and if prices could have increased over time.

    I have known Pulacan Falls in Zamboanga del Sur just through a travel blog.
  5. SLEEP IN HOMESTAYS – Should there be available homestays, better reserve one. The cost is meager plus you are helping directly a family. Nothing beats experiencing the first-hand hospitality of the locals. A taste of their home cooking is excellent to experience too. Sharing dinner time with your host family would really make your travelling worthwhile.

    homestay owned by the celebrated Mam Maria Todi.
  6. TRAVEL WITH TRAVELERS – Redundant? No. Travelling with buddies or in a group is a huge wallet saver. The cost of the travel would be cut by half, more or less, you know the math. This is a serious tip, chose whom you will be travelling with. Say no to persons who usually back out last minute – maybe classify them as blacklisted traveller/s. Say no to persons who are tourists or thinking to travel elegantly or lavishly. I travel cheaply and not expecting glamour or grandiosity. To anyone who is joining me, I always tell them my plans, my budget and how I do it.

    These traveller ladies enjoyed Baler, in style, but without breaking their budget limit.
  7. PLAN WELL YOUR ITINERARY – Your itinerary affects your budget directly. Plan well your route. This is where your research and interaction with locals would materialize. This would also save the priciest commodity we have – TIME.

    davao region plan.jpg
    Sample Visual Itinerary of Backpacking Davao Region
  8. EAT IN LOCAL EATERIES – It is not just cheap, but you have the opportunity to try the local way of cooking and their local staples. Plus, eating at eateries costs less time. You can have your meal in a jiffy. It could be a added experience if you happen to stumble with a chatty eatery owner and would happily share any historical anecdotes or relevant information about the place.

    a local eatery in Diffun, Quirino offering meals and take-home treats on a budget
  9. HAVE Plan-B to Plan-Z READY – Despite the rigorous and meticulous planning, be ready for changes once there, sudden weather changes, local safety situations, and other force majeure factors that could affect your travel. Be prepared with many options such as accommodations and dining since there are some factors beyond your control that could affect your travel experience – a full dining area for example.

    Me and traveller Glen were able to survive Balabac after our budget constraints
  10. PACK LIGHT – pack what you need and what is necessary. Other stuff like toiletries can be purchased as you arrive without almost any price difference. It is not also necessary to purchase expensive travel accessories – but purchase for the function and quality, aesthetics should come second.

    Zamboanga Airport (6).jpg
    I always travel with a backpack

Do you have other tips I have not mentioned? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

27 thoughts on “10 Ways to Save While Travelling

  1. And work on a budget ceiling! 😁😁 It’s effective most specially wheb you are very much tempted to buy something which paves unnecessary. Sometimes, the greatest problem encountered with budget traveling is oneself – the urge to spend more than what should really be. 😁😁😁 This is a great read. Made me think if I’m as well doing the same things. Teheee ✌😊😊

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  2. Awesome tips! You can also add travel for free by volunteering. I wrote this article about the power of barter in Italy, were many Italian homes and B&Bs offers free accommodation, full board in exchange of some domestic and skilled tasks.

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    1. hi monz. to catch a seatsale, follow and “see first” the social media accounts of airline pages. subscribe to their newsletter and enroll with airlines memberships – sometimes they have 1day earlier access on seatsales


  3. I must agree with everything on the list! I really did save a lot whenever I travel with friends. Aside from chip-ins for accommodations and food, you won’t be afraid to get lost ’cause you have travel buddies who can save you! β™₯

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  4. My wife and I do most of these, however, we have not had much luck when it comes to seat sale. We just could not book seats. The last time we almost did with Cebu Pacific, we were suddenly unsure because total cost was still high. Hope we could meet somewhere along the road someday.

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  5. I totally agree with all your tips here! Although I enjoy sleeping in hotels, home stays give me different and more authentic experience. If there’s one thing I can add here, that would be contact business establishments ahead of time, and ask if they offer ex-deals (for bloggers).

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  6. personally though, even if you are not on a budget, plan b to z is still a must! having that patience to adapt to any situation whole travelling is something that might save you when you are lost or out of money. 😊

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