ESTOS KITCHEN + CAFE: Guagua’s artsy restaurant

Flavor, service and ambiance – that is what we usually sought for a quality dining experience. This is what ESTOS offers to the locals of Guagua and other cabalens throughout Pampanga.

Do not underestimate its location, even of its distance from Urban City of San Fernando, once you got to try their heavenly dishes – you would not mind the commute. Guagua is blessed to have it within its border – town locals are able to enjoy its delightful offerings and its homey yet artsy interiors.

As you enter the dining area, you would easily notice the unique art pieces attacahed on the wall, library feels, and cool lighting fixtures. The lavatory itself situated below the stairs is charming that you may want to take a selfie with it. The extension of the dining area is a complete surprise. Unlike the front area with a homey feel, the high ceilinged extension exudes a loft style with a huge pizza clock hand painted by local artists. There is a huge ESTOS mural at one of the walls – this is a better spot if you want to enjoy the restaurant with a bigger group. It is hard not to notice the recycled art decorations hanged from the ceiling – bicycle wheel turned  as art pieces.

Its menu is American-inspired with touch of innovations from Chef Al, the business owner. Growing up in a medical field inclined family, he is blessed to have strong support in pushing for a business with culinary. The name of the restaurant, ESTOS, is a tribute to his grandfather, Modesto who set up the first hardware store in Guagua.

Estos Kitchen + Cafe Guagua Restaurant Pampanga Top (19)
Southern Fried Chicken


Starting of, the Southern Fried Chicken – tender chicken covered with tasty yet crunchy breading. The meat is juicy and moist, not dry.

Estos Kitchen + Cafe Guagua Restaurant Pampanga Top (61)
Pizzas of Estos, freshly made everyday


Served three pizzas, all are of remarkable tastes but what stood out is the Shawarma Pizza (top left) – from its aroma and taste, the shawarma flavor is not sacrificed.

Estos Kitchen + Cafe Guagua Restaurant Pampanga Top (2)
Fresh Salad


The salad came with fresh crisp greens accentuated with the interesting dressing – a must try!

Estos Kitchen + Cafe Guagua Restaurant Pampanga Top (68)
Taho Ice Cream of ESTOS
Estos Kitchen + Cafe Guagua Restaurant Pampanga Top (81)
Cookie Dough


For that perfect sweet ending, do not miss its sweet treats. Among my favorite is the cookie dough, with its creamy ice cream on top of sweet dough. Each spoonful bursts a perfect mix of creamy and sweet goodness. The Taho Ice Cream is a sweet surprise – never thought a fermented ingredient could turn into an interesting dessert you would always try.

Estos is located in Ferdiz Building, San Fernando-Dinalupihan Highway, San Pedro, Guagua, Pampanga.

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