Two trails to MIYAMIT FALLS, Pampanga

Miyamit Falls is one of the adventure-filled destinations in the province of Pampanga. Located in the belly of the Cabusilan Mountain Range, others would prove the trail could be daunting, thanks to hours and hours of trekking. But the awesome reward lies at the end of the waterfall trail, twin cascades dropping from sheer heights onto its catchbasin of seemingly ice cold water that would soothe those tired muscles. Less than two hours from the busy streets of nearby cities, the jump-off point features a community dominated by our dear Aeta brethren who would trade smiles as you go along. The local climate is cooler since of its altitude and scenery goes from flatlands to rolling terrain. Domesticated pigs roam freely the streets like our pet dogs or cats do. At some point from the trail, you can get a glimpse of the expansive plains which is actually Clark Freeport and cities of Angeles and Mabalacat. The lone summit, Mt. Arayat, an amazing backdrop with its feet covered with fog during dawn. Though this does not happen most of the time.

There are two trails that I tackled to the waterfalls. The first is the more common Sapang Uwak Trail and the other is Babatibat Trail. Now,, what are the difference between the two trails?


miyamit2017 (60).jpg
one of the assault part of the trail


SAPANG UWAK TRAIL is the more common trail and tackled by many trekkers, bikers, and 4×4 vehicle drivers. This same trail also leads to Mt. Pinatubo. It starts with the community in Sapang Uwak with gradual assaults and many recovery paths. Set on a rolling hilly terrain and established trail, more than half of it exposes the trekker to direct heat of the sun.


miyamit2017 (80).jpg
View of Mt. Arayat from Sapang Uwak trail




One of the best spots to regain strength plus the panoramic view of the vast plains of Pampanga. From the view deck, the footpath is now gently sloping.  The trail will shift to the left and that leads to the footpath through a forest. Some portion of the trail has carved steps. Should it rain during your trek, be ready with muddy puddles and slippery footpath. This portion of the forest trail would lead you where you can view the Gorilla Peak.

miyamit2017 (92).jpg
part of trail you can see from the view deck

You are actually near the falls and the sound of water gushing may emanate anytime. This trail would cost you to trek for 4-5 hours. There are motorcycle rides offered by locals and Aeta brothers to assist trekkers.


miyamit2017 (185).jpg
group shot before backtrailing


miyamit babatibat 1.jpg
Jump Off point from Villa Maria

The BABATIBAT TRAIL starts from Villa Maria village and leads to an hour worth of assault. The first part of the trail is established evidenced by the marks of excavator machines. A part of the trail provides a panoramic view of Pampanga plains and the neighboring Sapang Uwak Trail. It also features the dubbed “Narra Street”, because of the colossal Philippine National Trees perfectly lined up, parallel to the flat trail above a ridge. One of the best recovery part! The challenge of this trail when you tackle cliffside footpath and steep assaults and descents.

miyamit falls babatibat trail hiking trekking pampanga (1).jpg
Find the team | Photo credit: Toybam Naguit

Adding up to the challenge are thick razor sharp grasses that obscure the footpath. The trail leads to the summit of Gorilla Peak – a huge formation depicting a head of a mature male Gorilla. There is a water source on this trail and several huts you can rest and catch your breath. What is amazing about this trail is the upstream trek – final push. Expect to crisscross the river and scale seven waterfalls of different size and rock features. The trail ends and meets the Sapang Uwak Trail that is less than 20 minutes walk to the catch basin. This trail would cost you 8-10 hours.

miyamit falls babatibat trail hiking trekking pampanga (2).jpg
In photo: Sir Rolly waiting for the rest of the pack | Photo credit Toybam Naguit


miyamit babatibat 2.jpg
at the base of the falls



  1. The trail exposes you directly to the heat of the sun. Have enough hydration during the entire trek.
  2. Don long sleeves or compression pants that would protect your limbs from abrasion by the tall grass.
  3. Wear hat.
  4. Slather enough sunblock.
  5. Rest if you need to.
  6. Prepare your body for this physical activity by doing cardio exercises days before.
  7. Bring trail food
  8. You can find natural walking canes or sticks along the trail to assist you during assaults and descents.
  9. Be ready with headlamps should you be still on the trail at nightfall.
  10. Insect repellant is a must bring.
  11. Bring something for locals, e.g salt
  12. Arrange with the Local Government Unit of your intention to visit the falls,.
  13. Leave No Trace principle
Having fun at the base of Miyamit Falls

Watch our experience with the Babatibat Trail by Melvin Mejia  –

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  1. hello you have any contact number sa aeta guide or sa tourism office..I plan on trekking around 2 to 3am sana..just need to make sure I will be able to arrange a guide beforehand.

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