The mecca of Suman-ism: Misamis Occidental’s center of the glutinous rice delicacy – TOWN OF CLARIN

We, Filipinos, have a very tight intertwined relationship with the glutinous rice delicacy, the revelled Suman. In most provinces in the Philippines, the suman is almost omnipresent on a dining table, from breakfast up to afternoon siesta snacks. Being a staple and a take-home treat for family friends from an out-of-town trip, the highly sought suman will never be out of trend or fashion amongst Filipinos – ever.

Exploring around Misamis Occidental, one must NOT miss the municipality of Clarin, a neighbour of Ozamis City. A huge flat parcel of land blessed with fertile soil with the large capacity to cultivate glutinous rice – the very raw ingredient of the suman. What makes them more special of their version is the locally sourced sweetest coconuts I have tried in my travelling life. Imagine the quality of the coconut milk they are able to produce. Marry those together in a profound yet gentle manual intervention with a touch of labour of love, wrapped with amiable banana leaves that leave an embracing aroma that makes each and every bite of their suman truly heavenly.

One of the best Suman maker of Clarin, Ms. Teresita Tagubar

Thanks to the energetic town chief executive, Mayor Jojo Roa for the first-hand experience to have witnessed on lovely Clarin local Ms. Teresita Tagubar, who demonstrated how their simple yet impeccable techniques lead to these glutinous heavenly delights. One preparation truly depicts the values and virtues of us Filipinos, from collecting and harvesting ingredients that evoke our local farmers’ diligence and perseverance to the slow cooking method that brings out the palatable flavours of the suman mirroring our patience.

Photo with Mayor Jojo Roa

According to Clarin’s Tourism Officer Ms. Mans Garay, their vision is to make their own town a premier destination, which is actually starting to be evident. Despite the general rural vibes, the rise of business hotels like the Aya Hotel and Residences, and increasing commercial activities such as finance and banking institutions and the 90% accredited establishments within their borders.


Never ever leave the town of Clarin, without setting foot in their House of Suman, located at the crossroads of the national highway and just a stone’s throw away from the DFA offices. It is their main OTOP destination that features the most variety of Suman flavours you can see under a single roof. The store also serves as a pasalubong centre and souvenir shop. Adorned with a banana leaf-shaped roof and painted green with a centre post depicting a colossal suman. The tourist spot also has a spacious parking area and offers clean restrooms.

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