With New Clark City geared to be the Sports Capital of the Philippines, another major sports milestone has transpired with United City Foot Club making the athletic stadium as their official venue in holding their upcoming football matches this 22nd of October 2022.

Citing some historical anecdotes, Sir Arrey Perez, BCDA Senior Vice President for Corporate Services, stressed that there is still much work to do to continue the vibrant culture of our football heritage. The help of the Bases Conversion Development Authority by providing the fantastic New Clark City Athletics Stadium is a strategic training and official holding of the future football matches of UCFC. Following the same thrusts, Sir Eric Gottschalk, President of UCFC, mentioned that one of its goals, aside from bringing back the glory of Philippine Football, but also to embed the Football Club, its vision and mission, to the grassroots of the greater local Football community and enthusiasts. PFF Atty. Erni Gastanes felt the excitement as the BCDA has the correct direction of the Philippine Government that solves a lot of issues in the sports community. Truly, the Sports Complex in NCC will benefit the football community in general as manifested by the increasing application of more professional football clubs in the PFF. With these concerted private and government efforts, there would still be hardships along the way, but these thrusts and goals would further contribute to the Filipino Youth.

We are not yet at the exciting part as Unity City Football Club will soon be holding many future official football matches at the Olympic-grade Athletic Stadium in New Clark City. Citing its world-class amenities, stunning architectural finish and natural grass pitch, this is the perfect venue to house the match and the growing football community.

With all of these efforts and thrusts of the government, certainly, this is an added boost to our athletes and to the larger sporting community.

The upcoming match is UCFC versus Azkals on October 22, 2022, at 4:00PM

Event Details Link:

Ticket Sale Link:

Let us watch and support this amazing and important Football match at the New Clark City!

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