Hurray for promos! 2GO Travel is having a SAMA SAMA SEA SALE this July 14-20, 2022 and travel period from August 15 until October 11, 2022 with Php99 base fare inclusive of a staggering 50kg baggage allowance and accommodation! Experience your amazing #Sailcation with 2GO Travel and enjoy the “no rush feeling” travel – lesser stress, lesser haggardness – PERFECT SAILCATION!

2GO Travel sails to these routes:

Manila to Cebu to Cagayan de Oro back to Cebu to Manila
Manila to Iloilo to Bacolod then back to Manila
Manila to Batangas to Coron to Puerto Princesa back to Coron then Manila
Manila to Batangas to Cagayan de Oro to Tagbiliran back to Manila
Manila to Dipolog to Zamboanga then back to Manila
Manila to Cebu to Butuan then back to Manila
Manila to Batangas to Cebu to Ozamis then back to Manila
Batangas to Caticlan to Roxas back to Caticlan then Batangas

Fares may change without prior notice (Photo from 2GO Travel Official Website)


The fast-paced world has been used with quick transit via air travel. This mode of travel comes with hidden stress – the feeling of always being rushed. The moment you queued for check-in to boarding even on deplaning – everyone is rushing. That feeling of rushed could trigger your body’s stress response, which could affect your travel experience.

Sailing with 2GO Travel gives you a new perspective of vacation and travel – SAILCATION! The moment you arrived at designated ports, you will check in and board the ships without the necessary hustle and scrambling. You will travel with your back relaxed as you sail through the amazing Philippine seas. Along the transit, be amazed at the breathtaking golden hour as the blazing sphere inches itself over the horizon, creating a grand ethereal play of colours in the sky above you.

2GO Travel also has different accommodation types that suit your travel budget – from Fancy Staterooms that resemble a hotel room to value bunk beds.

Captivating sunset at the Sun Deck

2GO Travel also offers a hot meal service which makes your dining experience on board special. You can schedule a hair makeover with their in-house salons. There are 2GO ships that let reserve your KTV rooms and sing your heart out with your friends and family. Cap your day of sailing with the open-air bar, and drink with your friends while enjoying a live band performance. After a tiring experience around the ship, sink your body on the plush beds and recover. Soon, you will arrive at your destination fresh and invigorated, ready for your next fun-filled adventure.


The completion of the Skyway Segment at NLEX truly makes the travellers from Central and Northern Luzon faster and more efficient to the seaports of Manila. Experience huge travel time cuts and veer away from the commonly occluded thoroughfares of the Manila area. Arrive at the dedicated Passenger Sea ports with less stress and more time to go through your boarding process at 2GO Travel.


With the arrival of MV Masagana and MV Maligaya, the two newest and the largest passenger ship in the Philippines, augments your sailcation experience with a stable wifi connection. Having the need to check emails, do some reports or the necessary conversation with your clients or the need to unleash those digital creative juices, you can have it onboard with 2GO Travel!

No need to pre-download those gadgets and to fill your gadget memories with movies and series, the reliable wifi connection can let you enjoy movie streaming onboard. So, keep those internal gadget memories free and use them for your travel pictures and videos.


Missing much of your furry and fluffy friends? You can sail with them through 2GO Travel’s Exclusive Pet Nursery. They have dedicated pet handlers on board and can cater to all breeds of cats and dogs. You can visit your pets and feed them while you travel. Take them on board with your own pet crate and travel with your pets having peace of mind.


We are still on COVID19 Pandemic, and as a response to safety, all Crews are 100% vaccinated and boostered. All of the Local and National Safety Protocols are enforced. The ships you sail with have their weekly Airconditioning Suction and Filter system cleaned and maintained. Any passenger exhibiting relevant symptoms shall be transferred to dedicated Isolation ROoms for prompt management. The Isolations Rooms have provisions for a private toilet and bath.
The high-touch portions and areas of the passenger ships are religiously sanitized and cleaned following the US Public Health Standard for cruise ships.


With the cargo proportions of each 2GO Ships larger than the passenger proportions, you can arrive at your destination with your own land transport vehicles for ease of mobility and transits. You can realize your itinerary the way you planned it. No need to rush out of the port and spend the effort to haggle for fares of chartered transfers. Be at your next target in time, in style and without stress.


Are you travelling with your family, friends or colleagues on a special occasion or happening? You can arrange with 2GO Travel to create those special events within more private zones or any open spaces of the ships. Surprise your special one as you sail along. What a way to celebrate, as you save time, money and effort in celebrating those moments.

Truly, the 2GO TRAVEL SAILCATION experience could almost be a luxury cruise feel. As you go on with your voyage, there is so much you can do and experience onboard that truly adds value to your travel experience.

Contact 2GO Travel through these communication channels:

Our actual experience of sailing with 2GO Travel bound to Romblon Province last 2019.

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