sichut pepper carolina reaper habanero

SICHUT PEPPERS | spiciest pepper grown in Bontoc, Mountain Province

Chocolate Carolina Reaper – spiciest with a distinct cacao flavor grown in Mayayat, Maligcong, Bontoc

A hot sensation is broiling within the mountains of Maligcong, Bontoc – a locally made bottled Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce concocted by a Barangay Maligcong local, Mr. Charlie Sadcopen which he named as Sichut.

Sealed with a premium looking black insignia and its signature ethnic design, you will get that intensely high Scovill Heat Index with each drop of the sauce. Locally sourced and basic ingredients plus his keen sense of taste led to this promising flavorful intensely spicy dip, surely, bursting with fiery goodness. The term Sichut is hailed from the Kalinga language meaning chili – hence the name of his hot sauces. The Scoville Scale is a way to measure how spicy a pepper or food is and is measured on Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The usual chili is measured approximately at 80,000 SHU while the Caroline Reaper chillies are within the 1.8 – 2 million SHU according to Mr. Charlie.

Mr. Charlie Sadcopen started this business at the onset of the pandemic. With more than 50+ chilli plants growing at their hilly farm, he is able to yield an average of 40-50 bottles per week. According to him, the plants would have more fruit at their early age and would eventually dwindle at such time it would reach its end. He said that this variety would last an average of two year life span. The farming skill is innate within his family, with a variety of fruit bearing trees and plants present, to ornamental ones, surely, his farm would be a real potential one. I was amazed learning that he made a great career shift, from a corporate slave to a highland farmer and food producer.

Mr. Charlie is currently taking BS Accountancy as his second course, I think a nice move to really put his business on the map. Having a knack on financial matters plus the agriculture skill running in his veins would bring him to greater strides in terms of this business. He has a strong grip on his vision to be a producer and supplier for these hot sauces, and to be part of pantry staples amongst the locals across the archipelago.


Credit: @Sichut Peppers Official Facebook Page Account

As of writing, these are the products they currently produce:

Sinichut Suka Php200
Choco Nuke (Chocolate Carolina Reaper) Php600
The Nuke (Red Carolina Reaper) Php500
The Bomb Yellow (Yellow Habanero Chillies) Php250
The Bomb Red (Red Habanero Chillies) Php250

(note: Price may change without prior notice)


Sichut Pepper Yellow Habanero
Sichut Peppers: THE BOMB made from fresh Yellow Habanero Chillies- indeed spicy!

After purchasing, we immediately tried the yellow dip with our hefty lunch. Upon opening, we have this citrusy fermented sour scent with evident tones of the chilly fruit. From the aroma itself, you can readily detect its heat intensity.

The hot and spicy sensation would come few moments after the spicy delight landed on my taste buds. Distinct flavor is dominated by the vinegar followed by the fiery goodness. I would recommend as a new staple in your kitchen supplies. I was able to munch on more rice while having it ending up with a real full stomach and sweaty scalp!


Their family operated farm is located on the eastern flank of the known Mt. Fato, within the boundaries of Mayayat in Barangay Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province. Along with different chilli plant varieties are citrus trees, dragon fruit and other ornamentals like Chinese Bamboo. Their humble abode stands tall along their mildly inclined plantation.

They also have a nursery where young habaneros and carolina reapers grow to replace possible wilted mature ones in their farm.


Currently, he supplies the general area of Bontoc and can send to lowland major urban areas via courier service. If you wish to order, you can contact him via the business’ official Facebook page @Sichut Peppers. Alternatively, you can contact them at email address or mobile number at +63 906 860 4213


Thank you to Mr. Charlie Sadcopen for giving us unprecented access to their farm and sharing valuable information about peppers.

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