UGU BIGYAN: of pottery and heritage

Ugu Bigyan Pottery Tiaong Quezon (11).jpg
Designs by Ugu Bigyan

Uncommon of a business idea, Sir Ugu Bigyan of Tiaong, braved the industrial sector in starting a brick-manufacturing facility. Within the borders of their property, workers and Sir Ugu himself produce molds after molds of this reddish bricks. This will go to establishments and private homes perfect for the beautiful interiors and building facade. Through the years of quality finish and standard, Sir Ugu is able to scale a larger market reach, extending to overseas. His products now include an extensive array of baked clay products, ranging from daily household items to establishment decors. Touring his facility in Quezon Province would bring you to his creative world.

Ugu Bigyan Pottery Tiaong Quezon Front Facade.JPG
The facade of the Ugu Bigyan Pottery

In the museum portion, the dream catchers immediately caught my attention. This intricate hand made and designed produce hi-pitch sounds that are unusual from a clay product. The mugs and cups on display are good both as everyday use and kitchen displays. You can find a perfect coaster partner for this.


We are privileged to visit the production area. Passing through a corridor, we saw where the imported clay raw materials are washed and drained for days to ensure the quality.

Ugu Bigyan Pottery Tiaong Quezon Production Area.JPG
Production Area: where imported clay are hanged to drip dry

Their workers are also able to share some of their techniques from kneading, molding, shaping and actual application of designs. You have to note that each and every masterpiece, whether small or big, are handmade and handpainted individually. Thus, Sir Ugu explained that bulk orders do not really appear 100% identical.


Sir Ugu also showed his large ovens where the products are baked and dried to a precise period and temperature. Luckily, there is a batch of products that are currently for the cooling process and we are able to see layers of different products.

Ugu Bigyan Pottery Tiaong Quezon Huge Oven.JPG
Sir Ugu showing one of his huge ovens where items are baked for many hours

Sir Ugu also accepts tours within his facility. You can pre-arrange or inquire through (042) 545 9144 or e-mail at

This 4-day trip is sponsored by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, and by Philippine Information Agency.

Ugu Bigyan Pottery Tiaong Quezon NCAA Heritage Caravan Second Leg Team.JPG
Second Leg NCAA Heritage Caravan Participants
Ugu Bigyan Pottery Tiaong Quezon Garden.jpg

23 thoughts on “UGU BIGYAN: of pottery and heritage

  1. I went to Sagada to experience pottery there. It was unforgettable. I never knew that it takes me just a few hours to reach this place in Quezon. Added in my bucketlist! ❤


  2. im amazed with the beauty of the pots. i think it comes with age. kung meron lang siguro ako mapapaglagyan dito malamang bumili din ako. what i want to experience is making pots, meron dito?


  3. I’ve always loved looking at how potters mold the clay on the rotating machines and how shiny they end up looking after a glaze. Their crafts look amazing 🙂


  4. The designs are so nice. I’ve seen how this done before in Vigan – nakaka-amaze yung precision ng hands dapat. I want to try pottery soon. 🙂


  5. I went to Ichon and Yeoju, the pottery capital here in South Korea. I would definitely love to see this for myself. This is something we should be proud of and support.


    1. Ang ganda ng mga designs! Gustong gusto ko makakita ng mga potters na nagmomold ng clay dun sa umiikot na machine, sa tv palang ako nakakita ng gnun. Sana soon in person makakita ako. 😅

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ang ganda nung pots nila. It’s great na gumagawa pa din sila ng ganito and I’m amazed by their patience and creativity.


  7. Wow! The good thing about this kind of tours is that you are able to learn history, cultures and traditions from other places, rather than just taking photos and learning nothing about that certain spot. This is definitely a must try activity! 😊❤️


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