Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboaonga: beyond urbanization

sta cruz zamboanga city interior forest.jpg
The Island Forest interior

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the Asian’s Latin City, the Island of Sta. Cruz stands strong despite the strong urbanization activities happening at its doorsteps. With the sheer enforcement of government intervention, the island interior and pristine beach are protected from tourist exploitation. Thanks to the daily persistence of the PAMU, each and every tourist setting foot to the island are required to follow suit the regulations within the protected landscape, otherwise, enjoy hefty fines and community service.

sta cruz pink beach.jpg
the Pink Beach in Sta. Cruz

Aside from beach bumming and enjoying its welcoming waters, a boat tour within the center of the island is a must. Two boat transfers would bring you to the healthy mangrove ecosystem that houses one of Philippine’s massive biodiversity. Its shifting sandy to muddy soil supports different species of vital mangrove trees. Stingless jellyfish and different small fish species thrive within the winding labyrinths of this amazing sea ecosystem.

zamboanga city tourism sta cruz island.jpg
in the middle of the Mangrove Forest

The pink beach is a well-known feature of the island. At daytime before noon, I experienced its natural glow, thank you to the perfect sunlight, and its clear waters blazed from ranging from turquoise to cerulean. The waves that time are not rough. Seems to waters calling for a swim.

zamboanga city sta cruz island yellow boat paddling.jpg
taking the lead to paddle


Cost of visiting the Sta. Cruz Island includes the Php1,000.00 boat ride round trip fare which you can share with or join with other groups, just be aware of each other’s option time of return to Zamboanga City. There are cottages you can opt to rent while at the island. Cost of going to the lagoon is Php200 for the boat transfer to the Yellow Boat area. Then you need to transfer to these yellow boats, paddled by locals at Php200.00 per boat. You can also opt to rent a vinta sail boat at Php200.00 each that is the iconic fleet of Zamboanga.

yellow boat paddlers in zamboanga city.jpg
With the Yellow Boat Community Paddlers
zamboanga city vinta sail boats traditional.jpg


How to go to Sta. Cruz Island:

Flights bound to Zamboanga: There are directs flights from Manila, Cotabato City, Cebu and Davao to ZAMBOANGA CITY by Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. From the Airport, take jeepney bound to Seaport.

manila zamboanga cebu cotabato davao flights.jpg

My heartfelt thanks to a close friend, Dave Tumindig @asa_na_pud_si_cocoy, for being such an amazing host during our Zamboanga-Sulu-Basilan-Ipil stint.

zamboanga city @Asa_na_pud_si_cocoy.jpg
@asa_na_pud_si_cocoy in Grey shirt

Thank you also to Ms. Sarita Hernandez, Tourism Officer of Zamboanga City.

Zamboanga City Tourism Officer Mam Sarita.jpg
with Ms. Sarita Hernandez

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