UGONG ROCK ADVENTURE: unforgettable zipline experience

Puerto Princesa City does not only boasts of its worldwide renowned natural beauty but also parks that provide thrilling adventure and adrenaline-filled activities. Located in Brgy. Tagabinet, there you would find the Ugong Rock Adventure Park. Its main attraction is the zip line with dual cables and the vertical spelunking experience. Yes! You will be climbing up the zip line platform on top of the monstrous mystical rock formation – thrilling and exciting!

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (24).JPG
Those two separate cable would take you to the other side, I find this one better and safer.


Why is it named UGONG? Some of the rock portions, when tapped produce a unique sound. Not all though, but I think, when tapped altogether might create beautiful music. Who wants to tap and discover?

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (10).JPG
Group Photo at the base of the monstrous Ugong Rock


How to go to Ugong Rock Adventure:

If you are commuting from Puerto Princesa City, take Sabang bound bus, vans or jeep and alight in Tagabinet. It is hard to miss the Ugong Rock marker. Take a short walk on a dirt road leading to the receiving area. You will pass by an elementary school and you would see its entrance arch. Welcome to your Ugong Rock Adventure!

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (18).JPG
Ms. Marla, giving that “I made it” like pose


Once in the park, you would be asked on what adventure you would partake and settle the payment. After which, you would be escorted to the orientation area. Your safety is a serious matter for them. A short video will be played and explanation from the park staff.  Before the adventure, you will be fitting your gloves and hardhat, then the real adventure starts. Should you feel to unload that partially filled bladder, do so as it is hard to find areas to relieve yourself once in the trail. The toilet rooms are clean there.

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (8).JPG
We have our gloves snug fitted and hard hats donned, we are ready! but wait, Group Photo first

Your guide will lead you to the path to the foot of the gigantic hollow rock. From the fitting area, you would pass by a makeshift wooden bridge under a tree canopy where you can take shots. Before you enter the cave, the guide would initiate a prayer for everyone’s safety, a rare activity nowadays. Our guide also would point to us where to take photos! After traversing the lowest portion of the rock, we are guided now to the ascending pathways and reached the cavern where we would rappel upwards. The staff would assist you to don the harness and someone would pull you up – such a big help! and as we continue to the ascend, there are steep stairways but you should be careful still. There are tricky passageways and you have to listen to your guide and follow exactly his instructions to pass through those tight spots.

Ugong Rock Zipline marble mountains puerto princesa.jpg
View of the Marble Mountains en route to the Ugong Rock Adventures Park

Once at the top, you will be rewarded with the commanding view of the marble mountains, the surrounding community, and nature. There is a platform where you can take photos. Once ready, take the platform and staff would assist you to don the harness, shortly, you will another ride of your life!

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (13).JPG
Yes we survived, and the amazing view on top!

As I ascend the platform, my hearts starts to race, it is my third time to ride a zipline, but still anxiety attacks! Enjoying the fun atmosphere of the group, I took the second turn and found myself now dangling amongst the ropes on top of me. The staff would not count, they would just shove you to the double-cable and there you are flying!

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (23).JPG
This is where you would return your gloves and hard hats, and gather your guts before taking the ultimate ride in Ugong Rock!

In less than a minute, I had an awesome view of the mountains and plains below me, flying like superman and nothing but crisp clean air whooshing! That was an awesome ride! I was not able to reach the receiving platform and need to catch the rope they would throw to pull you back.

Ugong Rock Zipline Adventure in Puerto Princesa City Travel Guide (16).JPG
Ms Ella enjoying the awesome at the platform

Ugong Rock Adventure is definitely a must try once in Puerto Princesa City!


You will not get bored with the two-hour transit from Puerto Princesa City downtown to Sabang, apart from the captivating forest view from the undulating main highway and scenic mountains. You would pass by the Karst Elephant Mountain and have a stop over at the Buenavista Viewdeck with the captivating view of the Ulugan Bay. These are few of the main features you would enjoy to and from the famous Underground River Park in Sabang.


Karst Elephant Mountain Puerto Princesa Travel Guide (3)
One of the mountains you may want to summit in Palawan.


There is also a marker as a remembrance that this very place was once a pitstop on the famed reality show Amazing Race.


Karst Elephant Mountain Puerto Princesa Travel Guide (2).jpg
The stunning view of the Elephant Mountain



Karst Elephant Mountain Puerto Princesa Travel Guide (1).jpg
One of the picturesque Karst Rock Formation





Buenavista View Deck Ulugan Bay Puerto Princesa Travel Guide.jpg
Sir Rene Baylon sharing insights of Ulugan Bay


This is the usual stopovers en route to Sabang Wharf, the gateway to the Underground River Park.  There are public toilet rooms, snacks, souvenirs and trinket on sale at the view deck. Aside from the amazing view of Ulugan Bay, the fresh cool air would welcome during your stop over. Try their refreshing coconut juice and fried banana skewered on sticks to fill those hungry bellies.


Red Banana in Buenavista Viewdeck Puerto Princesa.jpg
Indulging Red Banana on sale



Forest view in Puerto Princesa City.jpg
The forest view near Buenavista View Deck


Here is a actual zipline video:

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