MANGROVE BOAT TOUR: paddling in serenity

Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (18).jpg

After you have visited the amazing Subterranean River in Sabang, this is the next stop you should and “a must” experience. This is notable of the Community Based Sustainable Tourism Program of the PPC LGU as evident by active participation the local community present nearby the Mangrove Area. As we arrived at the area, we are welcomed by the community leader and had led us to where the paddle boats are parked. There is a bridge that links both banks of the river rimmed by healthy mangrove forests. Once at the bank, I easily noticed the mudskippers around – a cute photography subject.

Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (19).jpg

Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (14).jpg

Once at the bridge, you have the unobstructed view of the river’s mouth and the panoramic view of the mountains against the mangrove forest. The rain is looming and we hurriedly explored the area. At the other side of the bank, you will be led through a seemingly secluded beach leading to the zipline area. Seeing this amazing view of the sea once again mesmerized my senses, I instantly stood still amongst the shores, closed my eyes and focused on hearing the waves crashing and wind zooming past me. I enjoyed briefly what mother nature could offer me that moment. Hearing the thunder from the mountain, I resumed back to the bridge and took another round of shots of the river. I did not join the boat tour since I had a mild headache that time, and it is an instant regret.

Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (6).jpg

As the rain starts to fall, we hurried to the huts for guests. What to do while waiting? We ordered one of the freshest coconut juice. Along with the other media team, we exchanged stories of our previous travel experiences while we wait for the team who went to join the Paddle Boat Tour.

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Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (13).jpg


Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (17).jpg

The local community would greet you as you arrived in the area. There are snack kiosks at the reception area should you feel hungry. There are two major activities you can try – the zipline over the sea and the paddle boat tour. For the zipline, the fee is around Php550 and you would need to trek to the platform. This I have not tried yet if not because of the rain. The place has a foresty feel and stray insects may be present so have your insect repellant lotion handy.

It is sad to bid goodbyes to the locals because of their warm welcome and legit hospitality.

Puerto Princesa City Mangrove Paddle Boat Travel (16).jpg

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