LINTUNGAN FALLS | Quezon, Nueva Viscaya


Lintungan Falls Quezon Nueva Viscaya (2).jpg
majestic Lintungan Falls


Gracefully flowing over the rugged mountainous valley of Nueva Vizcaya, Lintungan Falls is a majestic two-tier waterfall awaiting travelers from the metro to dip themselves over its icy waters. Vizcayanos are already enjoying its seemingly therapeutic cascades and one can opt to camp out should you wish to experience the Mother Nature overnight.


Lintungan Falls Quezon Nueva Viscaya (1).jpg
Awesome view of the Sierra Madre mountain range en route to Quezon, NV


Distant from Bayombong proper, the waterfalls, I think, is still out of the radar of travelers as lesser tourists set foot on its catch basin. Should you be in Nueva Vizcaya, this should be ticked by adventure-seekers.

We enjoyed the waterfalls after our cave spelunking in Brgy. Capisaan. It is almost one and a half hour drive between these spots with winding roads in between.

Lintungan Falls Quezon Nueva Viscaya (10).jpg
Few meters from the parking area


From the junction to the falls, a motorcycle can reach the waterfalls for less than 20 minutes while a full jeepney in less than an hour. The road leads deep to seemingly endless mountain road with tight curves. After almost an hour in traversing the roller coaster road, we saw the signage leading the jump off point to the falls. Our jeep parked and we set our feet on the descending cemented trail with the utterly cold wind whispering through our eyes. We never expect this would be too chilly. To counteract, I jumped, hopped and contracted my muscles to generate body heat.

Lintungan Falls Quezon Nueva Viscaya (9).jpg

Few minutes and we are now the basin, and there it is, the majestic Lintungan Falls. It graceful two-tier cascade gracefully flows to the rocky sleeps creating a picturesque scene. I immediately my camera to my tripod and took long exposures of the falls. As nightfall is fast approaching, I needed to take advantage of the light for the long exposure. The set up was so perfect and I do not need any filters to create 30-second exposures.


Lintungan Falls Quezon Nueva Viscaya (7).jpg
Long Exposure of both tier of the Lintungan Falls


As night falls, we started a trek back to the jump-off point. We heavily sat in the jeep and drove to the mountain road again. Gladly, we are accompanied with fireflies along the road, it was so enchanting. It took us almost two hours to reach Bayombong town proper.

Lintungan Falls Quezon Nueva Viscaya (5).jpg



  • From Manila, take any Cagayan Valley bound bus and alight in Solano or Bayombong.
  • We chartered a jeepney going to Runruno, Quezon


  • Bus Fare Manila to Solano: Php 360.oo
  • Jeepney Charter Fee: Php 4,000.00 divided 20 pax = Php 200.00
  • Solano back to Manila: Php 360.00

TOTAL: Php 920.00


Thank you to Engr. Wrix for making this adventure possible. Please follow his Instagram account


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  1. Gud day po ask ko lng po mkkpasok po mga motor na single..tpos ilan minuto lakaran papuntang falls from parking…taga tarlac po ako gusto ko sana mkapunta sa waterfalls na yan…

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