TAYABAS: Discover historical adventures in a day

Located at the crossroads of Quezon, City of Tayabas holds a number of historical landmarks predating many pivotal events that made up the intricate lattice of the city’s history and heritage. To deepen your experience and understanding of these aspects, one shall saunter these spots and feel the texture and details that were silent ears during the transition of eras.

TAYABAS BASILICA: Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel

Known to be the “Key of Tayabas”, thanks to its odd shape that resembles a traditional key when seen from an aerial perspective. Century-old churches are usually designed to follow the cross form, and Tayabas Basilica differs with the rounded edges near the dome. The baroque church also features the longest aisle measured to be more than 300 feet in the category of churches built during the Spanish colonial period. It also has different chambers that can hold simultaneous religious events such as baptisms and weddings. The church also has intact original flooring that can only speak the stories since its inauguration.

If you would be in the middle section of the church, you would easily identify the old pipe organ located on the balcony of the church where the choir team are situated during mass celebrations.

Since built during the Spanish Colonial Era, it is captivating to see still the intact quintessential features like the raised balcony where friars would extend their sermon, the detailed retablos, the multi-altar setups, the adorned high ceiling and the colossal internal wall of the church dome.


Spanning the mighty Dumacaa River and serving as a vital link between Mateuna and Lakawan, and linking the towns of Mauban and Pagbilao, the archetypal stone bridge of Malagonlong stands as the silent witness of the hardship that the Tayabas locals experienced during the construction of this arched bridge. It is believed to be finished in the decade of the 1840s. It spans about 445 feet and features five impressive arches that prove to be a great backdrop for your photographs. It is said that about 100,000 adobe bricks were utilized for its completion, and you would imagine the sheer hardship, logistical efforts and physical labour that the locals endured. Today, Malagonlong Bridge is a tourist destination in the City of Tayabas where you get to enjoy Mother Nature Scenery coupled with rich flora and the gentle cascades of the Dumacaa River.


One of the intact Neo-Classical Spanish Colonial Structures that survived the different eras spanning the war periods up to the recent history of Tayabas, it serves as one of the historical beacons of the city that holds multitudes of stories embedded deep within its stone walls.

The Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas served as a tribunal where some key cases are heard. After which, as more Spanish Dignitaries arrived, the Casa Comunidad became their official residence while at Tayabas. But during the Japanese Invasion Era, it was utilized as a garrison, and luckily survived the catastrophic war period.

During the 2023 Mayohan Festival, the Casa Comunidad de Tayabas is inaugurated to be a fully functional museum where almost 300 artefacts are on display depicting the Tayabas locals’ way of life.

Among those on display are antique farming equipment that defined the way they cultivate before, elaborately designed baro’t saya, intact calesa, various woven hats and other heirloom pieces that could tell stories of the locals’ daily accounts.

The City of Tayabas, a landlocked economic progress of Quezon province, truly holds a variety of destinations within its borders that tourists would truly enjoy. Our heartfelt thanks to the Department of Tourism – CALABARZON for making this experience a reality.

One thought on “TAYABAS: Discover historical adventures in a day

  1. “Century-old churches are usually designed to follow the cross form” I have never noticed that until you mentioned it. I think from now on, I’d be noticing it whenever I see century-old churches. =)

    -Recently discovered your blog. =)


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