With the vision to upgrade and upskill the agriculture industry in our country, Mr. Michael Caballes, proprietor of the Lucban-based tourism farm, groomed their property to be one of the centres and incubators of science-based and modernized farming. In order to test different scientific farming methods and strategies, Mr. Caballes utilized Melon varieties thriving in different countries and cultivated them inside an automated greenhouse.

Bukid Amara is a flower and vegetable farm located on the outskirts of Lucban Proper. Managed by agripreneur Sir Michael, he designed his farm property with the capability to utilize the different studies of new farming methods – making the farm one the best destinations for Agriculture Research and Development in the region. Continuous improvement and infrastructures are ongoing to benefit even more its valued guests, extending convenience and maximizing available space for tourism and event holdings. The Bukid Amara features a cosy homey entrance shed, a snack kiosk and an inhouse store with the farm bounties on display where you can purchase fresh vegetables and colourful ornamental plants.

I could lounge longer on that hut overlooking these colourful blooms

Another striking feature is their native hut with an open-air veranda overlooking their lake and their well-appointed sectioned gardens. The Farm is one low-receding slope with the lake probably at its lowest point. It features a modest bamboo footbridge linking the gardens and a floating bamboo raft.


A healthy and sweet Melon variety as presented by Sir Michael

To redefine melon farming in the Philippines, Mr. Caballes The process begins with hand pollination noting the date done. The fruiting vines are grown on a soil-less drip irrigation mechanism, a hydroponics style of farming, that lessens or minimizes contact with each fruiting body. This prevents any cross-contamination should there be a chance of plant decay or development of disease and easy for them to abruptly isolate any affected part. The greenhouse’s internal environment is master controlled through their integrated automatic switches that determine the strength of the circulating fan, the dosing of water source, and even the side sleeves that protect the valuable Melon species inside from the brunt of weather inclement. These favourable conditions led to the quality yield of various Melon varieties such as the expensive Japanese Melon with its identifiable veins, the Honeydew, the typical Philippine yet sweetened with precision, and the Galia variety. It was exhilarating to handpick a scientifically grown Melon, thanks to Sir Michael.

Sir Michael discusses every characteristic of every Melon variety

The Melon tasting proceeded after the farm tour where we get to experience checking their sugar content through a Brix Sugar Meter apparatus. Sir Michael instructed us to peer through the scope and check where the blue shade levels at, and that is the sugar content of the fruit. He mentioned that 15 Brix up is an acceptable range for the typical Filipino palate-approved sweetness level. This experience widened and deepened, even more, my understanding of agriculture and farming.


The picturesque view of the Lake

Aside from being a tourism destination in the town of Lucban, Sir Michael positions his farm as another learning institution for agriculture students where they get to have front-row access to modern techniques and equipment that they can take advantage of for their learning purposes. He welcomes trainees and students at his property, from tours to OJT periods, truly embedding new scientific systems as early as in the academe stage up to the practical application of research and development.

Learning that there are brave and kind souls like Mr. Caballes in the form of supportive agripreneur who aims to hone Filipino Farming methods and bring them to greater heights in order for local farmers to be able to yield quality crops leading to more happy customers and ultimately, the possibility of the farmers’ comfortable life.



Mobile Number: +63 968 852 0772

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