Visiting the largest Contemporary Art Museum: M Plus at Kowloon, Hong Kong

Be drawn at M + Museum, one of the newest and biggest museums featuring contemporary visual arts in the world. Situated at the edge of the Kowloon District, the M + Museum also enjoys one of the paralleled panoramic and commanding views of the iconic Victoria Harbour.

If you are a person who loves anything and everything creative, this is one of the best places to be while in Hong Kong. As one of the largest, the museum features an 18-story tower stretching to a reverse T structure down to its base, and has a total of 17,000 square meters of exhibition space – I think more than enough to cater for your thirst for museum displays and shows, 3 in house cinemas – one that can comfortably seat 180 pax and a sprawling roof garden cultivating at least 32 different species of flora, and additionally, this roof garden offers another panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour below. Being a contemporary one, the tower facade facing the harbour is almost covered with LED tubes, making it one of the largest moving image works in Hong Kong.

FEATURED EXHIBITIONS: Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now

Take a peek at the life works of the renowned Japanese visionary artist, Yayoi Kusama, to understand more about the meaning of her avant-garde vision and unique expression of her creative pursuit that truly tickled the interest and gained the attention of the global audience. Here at M+, it is one of the largest exhibitions outside her country, Japan. A dedicated gallery is subdivided into sections explaining each chronological chapter of her journey.

With more than 200 interesting works on display, whether be it, paintings, drawings, installations, sculptures and other archival materials, the gallery features from her teenage years drawing masterpieces up to her most current immersive creative installation and grand works.

It is her paintings that really caught my interest. My eyes seem to be glued on each and every stroke of her masterpieces. Apart from that, I am astounded on her unique execution. Being a failed artist, it is one of my dream to truly produce such.

It is a brief walkthrough yet the creative motivation and energy started to brim inside me. I wish I could have stayed longer and truly immerse myself to a deeper level of understanding of her creative prowess. It was my first time to know about Yayoi Kusama but her works left a considerable dent in my memory – the colors, patterns, lines, expression, execution and message – truly traverses my sleeping and lazy creative self.


After we marvelled at the works of Kusama, we made it to the breathtaking Roof Garden Deck of the M+ where we are welcomed by the Victoria Harbour skyline. It is indeed surreal for me, since, I only see this view through photographs and social media posts.

My eyes are kept peeled, truly immersed with this iconic Hong Kong skyline, and trying to really absorb the feeling. Is this a dream? I silently kept whispering in my thoughts. Also, as our backdrop is the towering seemingly plain black facade that turned out to be installed with LED tubes. By dusk, this simple facade turns out to be one of the largest images works in the district.

Additionally, the Roof Garden pathways and aisles are lined with colourful and visually appealing species of shrubs and ornamental plants. This is one of the best spots to really rever and feel the Hong Kong views.

This is the very spot where I actually felt the surreal experience being first time overseas. Seeing the unrestricted view of the Victoria Harbour and that iconic Hong Kong skyline from the roof garden deck was indeed momentous – it seemed like a dream, stepping on fluffy clouds and silent hum of magical music ringing in my ears.

It is where I can really say – “I MADE IT HERE AT HONG KONG!”


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