LANTAY VIEW: Best mountain resort in Zamboanga Del Norte

With just a year in operations, the Lantay View Mountain Resort in Zamboanga del Norte has certainly placed itself in the tourismscape of the province. Perched on an 860-meter hilly area of Barangay Penacio, the very location of the mountain resort features a commanding view of the valley below and portions of the Sergio Osmena Sr. town.

The mountain resort is named Lantay meaning “Terrace” in the Cebuano language. Truly, the name itself depicts its features. The Lantay View features many view decks of various styles dotting the resort area. There are many spots that guests of all ages would truly enjoy. Albeit being a new mountain resort, the management already received the ZAMPEN TOURISM AWARD last September 2021, and they just recently celebrated their first anniversary last August 20, 2022. They are also officially recognized by the Municipal Tourism Office as one of the top tourism destinations.

Our heartfelt Congratulations to Lantay View Mountain Resort.

Aerial view of the Lantay View’s amazing amenities.

Since of its altitude, the resort really gets cold starting dusk until sunrise and having your jacket or sweater handy is a must. During our stay there, we encountered a foggy afternoon which added to the mystic feeling.
At sunrise, we saw a sea of clouds at the adjacent mountain ranges. Such an amazing view upon rising from a good night’s sleep.

The idea to operate such a mountain resort sprouted during the heights of severe community quarantines. The family cannot go elsewhere and thought of building their own mountain resort for their family and for the public to experience and enjoy. With a family of engineers and allied health professionals, they altogether put forth their skills and built the Lantay View Mountain Resort.

The mountain resort is located at Barangay Penacio on a 9-hectare hilly terrain which the family Palomares acquired in the year 1996. The resort operations are managed by the family with the matriarch commonly seen at the front office and store operations, and the patriarch is usually seen with infrastructure and maintenance operations. Their manpower is mostly locals to help spur economy in their town.


There are two types of Accommodations they offer:

A-Frame Style Huts

The A-Frame Huts are considered premium stays in the mountain resort. They have three rooms with private terraces right at the cliff while five more huts are a few meters away from the cliff edge. These huts have their own private terrace with wooden seats and a table, two double-size mattresses, 4 individual pillows and thick blankets, ample power outlets, and indoor and exterior lighting. These A-Frame huts can accommodate 4 guests. To get the best view, book and reserve Rooms number 1-3.

Since the huts are built tightly in a row, it is common that you can hear your neighbouring guest’s conversation, especially during the quiet of the night. Hence, we truly recommend keeping noise at the minimum with respect to the other guests.

The Premium A-Frame huts have quite lowered ceilings and door arches, if you are tall, you have to really be aware of the varying heights of the architecture. In my experience, I bumped my head hard twice.

Since there are wooden tables and seats at your private terrace, you can enjoy your meals from there while enjoying the view. The A-Frame huts are valued at Php1,000* per night, a fee of Php150/pax in excess of guest limit per accommodation inclusive of extra mattress, pillow and blanket.

They also have two Private Economy huts that can comfortably fit two guests but can accommodate up to four. These Economy huts feature a high ceiling, a premium mosquito net, and a mini porch and are located on the quiet side of the mountain resort. The overnight stay is valued at Php500* per night, a fee of Php150/pax in excess of guest limit per accommodation inclusive of extra mattress, pillow and blanket.

Private Economy Huts

Check-In time is 2:00PM and Check-Out Time is 12:00NN the following day. Bath Towels are free of charge upon request. If you are planning to have an overnight stay on a weekend or holiday, it is recommended to reserve early your room/s since they have limited 12 accommodations as of writing (Contact Details below).

*Price may change without prior notice


Lantay View Mountain Resort offers sumptuous home-cooked meals from their dedicated store and restaurant. They have a menu you can choose from that offers Filipino cuisine from breakfast meals to usual entrees. You can preorder your meals and have them delivered to your hut. See their menu below and note that prices may change without prior notice.

Meal and Beverage Menu with corresponding prices as of writing

They have a dedicated in-house store and they offer snacks, instant coffees, alcoholic beverages and common toiletries.

Store operations start from 5:00AM to 8:00PM. It is advised to prearrange your dinner if you wish to dine after store hours.


Certainly, the resort itself is a grand destination, thanks to its abundant picture points, common lounge areas and view decks.

At the resort entrance, it features a wide parking area and a modest hut to shelter its staff manning the area. You will be welcomed with a descending walkway designed with colourful arches. An ascending pathway ends at the resort common areas.

Common spots where guests can enjoy and lounge

There is a hammock below the thick foliage and the best spot as a reading nook. Beside it is the common toilet and bath building. Continuing on the pathway is the common lounge area shaded by the tall bamboos.

There are view decks lining the edge of the cliff. There are I Love You Decks that are perfect for romantic dates and wedding proposals. They have their own open palm view deck. They have Bali-style view decks shaped in a circular design, teardrop, picture frame, fishnet style and heart-shaped.

The best picture points at Lantay View

The mountain resort would not be complete without these instagrammable swings. Apart from being picture points, these are spots where you can relax, lounge and do some reflection while enjoying the view of the valley below.

These are spots where you can enjoy and brave the views of the valley below.

They have a common lavatory where you can wash your hands and perform your oral care routines.

They have common dining areas. You can choose the upper deck, the long table fronting the in-house store, and the alfresco dining area which is the best spot at the resort. At night, the alfresco dining is illuminated by warm lighting and truly exudes a homey ambience.

The dining areas are my favourite spot in Lantay View

Since of its expansive land area and spacious resort amenities, the resort can be a venue for intimate events like reception venue for weddings, birthdays, christening, etc. You can also charter the entire resort for photoshoots and corporate teambuilding activities. The owner himself, Sir JR, is an event organizer and you can coordinate with him for your event requirements.


For Day Experience and Overnight stay, entrance fees are Php50 for adults and Php30 for kids.


The nearest airport is in the City of Dipolog which is approximately less than an hour’s drive away from the mountain resort. From Dipolog, take the bus bound to Pagadian via Sergio Osmena Sr. town and alight at the Integrated Bus Terminal. From there, charter a tricycle to Lantay View.

Alternative airports are via Pagadian, Zamboanga or Cagayan de Oro.

The nearest seaport is via Dapitan City. Alternative seaports are Claveria and Cagayan de Oro.

We recommend chartering Sir Benjie with contact number 0965-426-0622. The fare is Php150 per pax per way. Travel time is about half an hour.

Photo with Kuya Benjie and his Bao-Bao or tricycle

Please be advised that they do allow bringing of high voltage appliances especially those inducing heat and they require to register at the reception for corkage fee and as a safety/security measure. If you wish to reheat your meals, you can coordinate with their in-house kitchen.

Cellular and Data signals are strong at the Palm View Deck area while inexistent at the In-house store and Alfresco Dining Area. If you wish to do some online work, choose the huts fronting the Palm View Deck.

For reservations and inquiries, contact them through mobile numbers 0912-429-8198 or 0915-450-3083.

Alternatively, you can message their official Facebook Page at Lantay View.


Aerial View Credit to Bobby Fabayos

Being in a mountain resort like the captivating Lantay View is the best experience to fly your drones. Be careful though if there are active wild swifts flying around and a sudden gust of wind is common. No permit is required to operate a drone.


Photo with the Palomares Matriarch

Our heartfelt thanks to Sir JR Palomares, the proprietor, for having us. Thank you to Mrs. Glafira Palomares for taking care of us. We truly enjoyed our stay at Lantay View. I would say, an overnight stay is not enough. I truly wish to have stayed longer.

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