On the southern fringes of the island paradise, BALABAC – a mini archipelagic municipality that features virgin forests, teeming marine life, and pristine white and pink sand beaches – perfect ingredients to be a premium destination in Palawan. It is a masterpiece creation of Mother Nature, marrying the azure seas and white coastlines, an apple’s eye of every tourist and traveller. Its discovery kickstarted many years ago, and catapulted it to the pedestal of the travelling community hungry for its beauty.

Eventually, Balabac became a new tourist destination defining the southern portion of the island province. It is at this moment that Ms. Wineth aspires to divert some tourist foot traffic from the well-known northern regions of the heavily touristy El Nido and Puerto Princesa, the capital of the paradise island.

Let me introduce to you hashtags relevant to the Balabac experience.


Photo by: Mc Richard of lionhearttv.net

First-time visitors would truly be captivated by the different islands and beaches of Balabac. With no steady foot traffic, there are moments when you would own the islands, and eventually, would fall in love with their charm and elegance.

Tell me if someone did not fall in love with Balabac? For me, surely, it is #baLOVEbac


Sure looks classy and premium ride

Since Palaweña started its operations, Ms. Wineth has acquired its own tourist boats which are distinctly painted in sheer white. Outstanding the turquoise waters of Palawan, their boats are most often sought off by non-guests as a picture backdrop in their El Nido operations. Who wouldn’t love these clean-looking yet elegant floating beauties?

When we arrived at Buliluyan Port, we are welcomed by a Palaweña team member, Ms. Beyann. She welcomed us and assisted us in the registration process before we set sail bound to Pandanan Island. Soon as we approached the docking area, we are welcomed by the pristine white tourist boat of Palaweña docked over clear water.

With ample shade to protect you against the sun’s heat, we, one by one, boarded the boat. A few minutes after, the motor roared alive and we were on our way. It only took less than 20 minutes to cross the channel, and we are approaching the shores of Pandanan Island.


You can have what you want or need during your Balabac tour – within reason, that is the message of Palaweña, our travel service provider in Balabac. A personalized manner in creating your Balabac plans and putting them into reality. Together, you can enjoy and create wonderful memories during your island activities with attention to natural wellness. Imagine you choosing the dream island destination you are wanting for a long in Balabac, and be like the captain of it, as you sail around on the beautiful white boats over the pristine waters of down-south Palawan.

You can also customize your preferred meals. Mention this ahead of time and the Palaweña Chef will prepare it for you. What I love about my Balabac experience with Palaweña is we are regarded like we are family.


These are common destinations you can visit in a 3-day itinerary with Balabac

After boarding the white classy boats, each and every guest are provided and required to don a lifevest during sea transits. Sooner, we are sailing to our first destination.

TAGO TAGO BEACH is located at Malinsuno Island. The white beach lets you wade in its clear turquoise waters. Its unique feature is a bent tree with main branches jutting out above the shallow waters, a perfect lounge under the shade. There are growing mangroves also around the area.

CANEMIRAN ISLAND – a long stretch of land surrounded by a fine white sand beach. There are huts for your rental and use under the shade of tall coconut trees. There are local dogs who will welcome you to their shores.

PATAWAN ISLAND – famed for its pinkish-white beach and its unique “tree” island core. It has a wider shore area compared to Canemiran, and at the time of our visit, there are glamping sites and villas currently under construction. It would turn to be one of the premium sites in Balabac. This is where we spent a hearty lunch prepared by Chef Moh.

The following day, we have the opportunity to speed forward to ONUK ISLANDthe best island in Balabac. It was about less than 2 hours from Pandanan Island via a speed boat. We docked there on a high tide. The stilted houses remain through many years and virtually have not changed. As we go around, we found many sea turtles grazing for seagrass below our feet. We met foreign tourists who spent days already, absolutely amazed by the experience of Onuk Island. It was a short-lived experience though. There is this perennial feeling of wanting to go back to the island soon as your feet left its white shores and boarded your sea transfer.

Other Islands:

CANIBUNGAN ISLAND – I snorkelled here before and found many starfishes at its shallow portions. I enjoyed wading in its waters under the shade of tall coconut trees. There is a portion of the beach that the tree line expands closer to the shore.

PUNTA SEBARING, Bugsuk Island – arguably has the longest finest whitest sand beach in the Philippines. It is one of the best in Balabac, however, be warned about their sand mites there. Best to visit during mid of the day and avoid after rain, and during dusk and dawn hours.

BANCALAAN ISLAND – one of the inhabited islands in Balabac where there is an existing Smart network cellular signal. It features fine white sand and turquoise waters, like the other islands.


Safety is always paramount. In each facet of your Balabac tour, Palaweña makes sure that you and your travel buddies are safe. From the food and water you consume to land transit and sea transfers, safety precautions are in place. Apart from these, they will you precautions and notes so you can enjoy your Balabac experience to the fullest. You will receive practical tips and advice for a premium service you will surely receive once you arrive at the start of your Palaweña journey.

During our travel, we were provided with clean and safe drinking water. This is the same source we use even for daily oral care. Meals served are assured fresh since they are prepared and cooked a few moments before you dine. Their very own experienced cruise ship chef shall personally prepare your island meals – great value for your meals.


It is my third opportunity to visit Balabac again, and its island charm still remains. I will always be looking forward to returning and experiencing it again and again.

There is so much more that Balabac can offer. We just scratched the surface of its travelsphere and there truly there is more experience waiting for you in Balabac.

Get in touch with your Palaweña and start realizing that Island Life and Wellness Travel in Balabac dream

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