Basking under the tropical sun with surrounding clear waters and towering Cawag Mountain Range, this, I think, is one of the best nature experiences. I am so happy that Destinare Beach Resort upped its game in developing the huge swathe of land that is part of Anawangin Cove to cater for the needs of travellers to experience nature.

What are the striking features of Destinare Beach Resort Anawangin:


Tanaw De Hardin Resort is the actual jump-off point going to Destinare Beach Resort and Campsite. They developed this pool resort should guests be wary of sea travel. They offer accommodations and a considerably sized swimming pool for guests to plunge.


Safety is paramount, as the owners of the resort always are advocating for it. It is a requirement for passengers to don lifevest, regardless if you are an Olympic swimmer or an athlete. Minimum Health Protocol Reminders are also posted strategically.


Arriving on a steamy summer afternoon, we are welcomed with refreshing ice-cold beverages that soothed our thirsty throats after the approximate half an hour of boat transit. The owner, Ms. Marilen, enthusiastically introduced her team after exchanging pleasantries.

They prepared a modest reception area for guests to check-in. The area has no mobile signal, and the staff do communicate through two-way radio.


The beach resort has developed different types of accommodation that would suit your experience. They offer spaces for tent pitching, different types of huts and an exclusive villa.


I am amazed that they have built a swimming pool where guests can enjoy. It is located near the resort entrance.

They have built also a stress wall where you can shout your heart desires and aim at the stressor indicated on the wall with a bottle.

Many common shower and toilet stalls are strategically located around the beach property.

They have a convenience store for your basic needs – they sell toiletries, snacks, chips, ice tube, and some common alcoholic beverages.

Unleashing their plantita spirits, they also have an exclusive botanical garden, it is gated and walkways if you wish to have a quiet time.

Another cool feature is they have a paintball saga right in the middle of the beach property – isn’t that amazing!


They offer Samgyupsal by the sea sets where you can enjoy your all-time K-cuisine faves at the shore. They offer both beef and pork portions for you to excitedly grill them while listening to the crashing waves.

They also have In House Kitchen where you can order fresh seafood dishes and grills and enjoy with your family and friends. Their grilled bangus and seafood mix is amazing! Highly recommended to try.

A View Deck to enjoy the sunset with a staircase to ensure your safety while taking the short climb. It is perfect for quick exercise and cardio while at the beach. A rewarding panoramic view of the forest, seashore and Anawangin Mountain Range will be your perfect backdrop for your social media posts.

Special Weekend Nightlife events to get that rave spirits going and unleash the party animal in you. They offer disco-like events, a fire show and sometimes, a bikini open!


For inquiries, you can contact the beach resort at below mobile numbers:

  • +63 998 554 5304
  • +63 938 653 5122
  • +63 921 412 5491


My heart is full of gratitude to the owner, Ms. Marilen, for having us at their resort. We are given enough care and attention to enjoy the resort. And I wish to be back!

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