Camarines Norte – The Bicol region’s gateway

Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (43).JPG
Daet Marker

With Daet as its capital and main commerce zone – it proves its potential in the tourism landscape. From shores facing the Pacific, pristine islands, virgin beaches, and adventure trails, surely this province has a plethora of activities for every type of travelers. Thank you to Ms. Ann of Efrelinda Travel and Tours for showcasing us the hidden wonders of her promising province. Camarines Norte seems to be the boundary to the Tagalogs and Bicolanos. However, in Daet, I can hear widespread spoken Bicolano language, which luckily I can speak. Camarines Norte’s Pacific facing coasts has many to offer.

Going to Jose Panganiban, the gateway to the islands that feature pinkish shores and beaches of clear waters, Parola Island and Calalanay Island. Also, this town is famed for its mineral-rich rock sphere with mining as one of its major income driving industries. With the brilliant mind of Ms. Ann, she is taking a huge step to drive more tourism potentials in her province. She was able to bring us to an agri-tourism farm, JSMS Farm, before we set sail to the islands. The caretakers were able to show us and have us try some farm-related processes that is indeed a tourism-experience-potential. From livestock to vegetable produce, they are able to explain to us the different impacts of responsible agriculture procedures. Blessed this province is really of its tourism potential, from exciting mountain trails, adventure zipline rides, and majestic waterfalls, surely there are more hidden spots in Camarines Norte.

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Nacali Falls

In the undulating mountainscapes of Brgy. San Lorenzo, there lies a zipline that offers a return ride to the jump-off point. From these spots, it is easier to tackle the trail leading to Nacali Falls. This waterfall features approximately 50ft cascade leading to crystal clear ice cold deep basin under thick foliage and surrounded by mossy rocks. The trail features established steps and footpath through pineapple plantations and grassy landscapes. You are near the waterfalls should you be on a steep descending trail.

San Lorenzo Zipline offers two rides that would whisk above deep mountain ravines about a two-minute ride to get to the other side. That ride would save you about an hour’s worth of trekking. The ride offers a breathtaking and panoramic view of the canyon area with tall coconut trees hundreds of feet beneath you. Such an exhilarating experience!

Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (38) Capalong View deck.jpg
Capalonga’s amazing seascape

One of Camarines Norte’s coastal towns, Capalonga, also boasts beautiful sceneries. Aside from its amazing Guianlo Island, the town has beautiful view decks to marvel its surrounding beauties.

Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (44).JPG
Longest Boardwalk at night

Cap the day in Camarines Norte through the longest boardwalk. This coastal highway links the major coastal towns of Camarines Norte with views facing the eastern horizon. The road passes by Bagasbas beach, a famous surfing beach in the province. We enjoyed our dinner at Roberto’s Sports Bar and Grill in Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel and Resort that features old-style interiors and promising Bicolano dishes that I scraped out its remaining sauces.

Spend the night while in Camarines Norte at Selfies Beach Resort. Located in the quiet town of Capalonga and facing the vast Pacific Ocean. Enjoy breathtaking sunrise while having your early breakfast, marvel the growing Mangrove ecosystem nearby, should it be low tide, you can stroll on the exposed reef and see colorful urchins and starfishes. Enjoy also its awesome and cool rooms with a majestic view of the beach.

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View at the Zipline

Our heartfelt to Ms. Ann of Efrelinda Travel and Tours for making our journey worth remembering.


Map of Jose Panganiban:


For quality tours in Camarines Norte, please contact Ms. Anna to 0997 334 4693 or e-mail to

Other Photographs taken during the familiarization tour:

Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (2)
young mangrove
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (21)
mud patterns
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (23)
exposed coral during lowtide
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (26)
sea urchin during low tide
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (29)
Church interiors in Capalonga
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (32)
this where the town Capalonga was name after
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (33)
Capalonga Lighthouse
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (39)
Stairs to the viewdeck
Camarines Norte Travel Guide Budget (1)
Instagrammable trees in Camarines Norte

5 thoughts on “Camarines Norte – The Bicol region’s gateway

  1. The scenery — seascapes and mountains and faarming towns are nice to see. My hope is that the local people will develp the farmlands and be a producer/exporter of food crops and livestock. How can this be done? The ball is in your hands, kababayan. Let’s see how the government can find ways to help people start up.


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