Try the new flavors of GREAT TASTE WHITE Coffee

Being a coffee lover, my morning starts with a sip of a hot cup of coffee. For me, having a warm beverage relaxes my stomach and good aroma of coffee lifts up my mood. Weekday hustles also mean lesser time at the breakfast table, thank you to the Great Taste White Crema Instant Coffee, having a nice hot cup of coffee is a breeze away.

great taste white coffee thank you from kapampangan traveller.jpg

Since I like latte flavors, I love the CREMA CARAMEL flavor of Great Taste White.  It’s sweet and creamy aftertaste would lead me to have a second cup.

What is truly amazing for me being a traveler is that I can always bring a sachet or two during my travels and transits, should I need instant coffee cravings. I can easily slip sachets inside my backpack.  Even long hikes and treks would not stop me on enjoying a cup of Great Taste White.

great taste white and travelling kapampangan traveller.jpg

Take advantage of the new flavors of GREAT TASTE WHITE: Caramel and Crema. What is the difference? Great Taste White Crema has a rich combination of real coffee flavor mixed with rich vanilla cream – almost that of a latte. Great Taste White Caramel has a delicious blend of roasted coffee, cream with hints of caramel.

great taste white coffee caramel grocery.jpg

A trailblazer in the instant coffee industry, Great Taste continues to brew new experiences for Filipinos – from being the first to introduce white coffee mix, first twin size pack, and the first resealable pouches among others.

great taste white crema coffee.jpg

For updates with Great Taste Coffee products, follow their Facebook page @GreatTasteCoffeePH or visit Universal Robina Corporation Website

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