CAPALONGA: Camarines Norte’s hidden gem

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The Nazareno of Capalonga

With its history dominated by the Catholic faith, Capalonga is known to be one of the centers of reverence to the Nazareno. The locals’ strong faith in their patron leads to a yearly festival every April that actually expects hundreds to thousands of revelers and visitors to witness the grand procession or traslacion. The Nazareno is normally located at the retablo of their local, where revelers can see and pay respects. It is believed that the cross it bears came from the nearby shores.

capalonga parola lighthouse
The iconic lighthouse at the Board Walk of Capalonga town

Being a coastal town, Capalonga’s shoreline boasts one of the richest mangrove systems of the region. Just next to its scenic baywalk, the thick mangrove forest sprawls, a perfect backdrop for portraitures and landscape shots. A modern lighthouse structure with the Capalonga letter standees are the distinct structures at the baywalk, one that is hard not to visit and have a picture with. And about a quarter of a kilometer stretch of concrete baywalk area facing the vast Pacific Ocean, which is actually reclaimed, is an awesome spot to stroll or bike around.

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enjoy the playful waves of Capalonga’s shoreline

Facing the eastern shores, this is the place to view and enjoy the sunrise. Its concrete edges became the habitat of crabs and other crustaceans, the most number I have observed in this type of artificial environment.

capalonga lodging inn.jpg
The spacious room in  Enrico’s Inn with Bob, Kim and Joan (wearing hat)

Its seemingly far-flung town center holds a number of inns, grocery stores, and eateries, everything at a convenient reach for visitors and travelers, from which I initially taught to be a handful. Should once opt a place perfect for bookworms, Capalonga is a place to be. From our perspective, we recommend Enrico’s Inn and Diner. Our spacious room features four double beds, private veranda, flat TV and private toilet and bathroom. Its ground floor serves a restaurant. The location is in walking distance with other stores and commercial establishments. Wifi connection is available.

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The town is also the main jump-off point to Guianlo Island, a picturesque island with creamy sand and clear waters, about half an hour from the municipal port.

pulo guianlo camarines norte capalonga.jpg
The island of Guianlo from the boat

The island features a long sandbar littered with intricate shells. Its natural beauty is at par with of Digyo Island of Leyte and of the well-known Kalanggaman Island.

Our gratitude to the town’s tourism officer, Ms. Ylla, she shared the town’s history and important events. The name of Capalonga is believed to come from a purple flower plant that has a teeming presence before the Spanish area.

camarines norte capalonga (4).JPG
This flowering plant where the name Capalonga is derived

If not of Ms. Anna of Efrelinda Travel and Tours’ invite, I would have not known the captivating place of Capalonga. My heartfelt thanks.

camarines norte capalonga (2).JPG
Low tide revealing the healing reefs of Capalonga

Efrelinda Travel and Tours is owned by a business awardee Ms. Anna Ramores Olit, currently studying law. Her family has named their travel business from their parents, Efren and Linda, on which they are keen to keep their good legacy. During the familiarization tour, Ms. Ann is hands-on with preparation and execution of the event. I can observe her enthusiasm beyond the busyness of her schedule. Aside from the usual airline ticketing and travel arrangements, it is the vision of Ms. Anna to boost awareness of Camarines Norte’s tourism potential.


Still an off the radar tourism spot, however, Capalonga is of great potential. The town’s main language is Tagalog. Since its proximity to the vast Pacific Ocean, seafood is cheaper.


To conveniently enjoy Capalonga, you can contact Ms. Anna of Efrelinda Travel and Tours to arrange your escapade at 0997-334-4693  or 0917-162-8753 

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