AWA VIEWDECK, Batad, Ifugao

Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao Province has one of the most breathtaking rice terraces structure and is evident by hordes of tourists, both local and foreign, setting foot in this quaint and far-flung mountain village. Visiting Batad is now made easier, thank you to the road construction that made the trek shorter. From our first visit last 2016, we alighted from the Saddle Junction and trekked down for, I think, almost an hour until we reached the main viewpoint in Batad (where you get the first glimpse of the rice terraces).


Met YanYan of Cavite, solo traveler too


It is common that we see the terraces on foot and the beautiful Tappiyah Waterfalls. It is just this recent visit that I learned, around 7:00AM is the best time to arrive at the catch basin for a chance to see a rainbow, on a sunny day.

To see the terraces from a different vantage point, trekking to the Awa Deck is highly suggested. From there, you will have the panoramic view of the entire structure below your feet. Before you reach the deck, you have to endure a long steep descent from your lodge or starting point to the river level down below, then make another series of steep ascents that would last for more than an hour, depending on your pace. Our group made it for an hour and a half at least.

Awa ViewDeck in Batad Ifugao Travel Guide Budget (1).jpg
Trail to the viewDeck

From the Awa Deck, there is another descending trail that leads to Patpat Village and its breathtaking rice terraces too. After few minutes of rest and photographing, we started our descent onto the steep trail. Going down was not as easy as you would think, the trail is an alternate of rocky but slippery, quite loose soil, established concrete steps or rocky steps, and few recovery paths.  Add the cliff few inches from your toes and the hundreds of feet sheer drop. After we crossed the river, the ascent through the steep stairs almost drained our remaining energy. We made it an hour back. The ascent to the village was really exhausting and bringing trail food comes in handy.

Awa ViewDeck in Batad Ifugao Travel Guide Budget (3).jpg
Having met these adventurous brainiacs: Javs, Gids and Cris.

Nevertheless, the Awa Deck experience is truly one for the books.

Here is how the spots in Batad are located, with lines that I drew approximating the trail:

Batad Rice Terraces Awa Viewdeck Tappiyah WatersFalls Map Trail Guide Travel Budget.png
Screenshot from Google Maps



and here’s the actual view of the Awa Deck from Simon’s Viewpoint Inn and Restaurant, zoomed at 300mm:

Awa View Deck in Batad.jpg
Encircled in yellow is the Actual View Deck and broken lines represent the trail

Here is how you can commute to Batad from Manila: 

  1. Take Bus routes bound for Banaue (CodaLines, Ohayami, or Florida Bus)
  2. The Public Jeep from Banaue to Batad leaves at around 2:00PM – 3:00PM once daily. Fare is Php150.00. Travel time is around 45minutes to an hour. The terminal is located near the Banaue Municipal Office.
  3. The Public Jeep from Batad leaves around 8:00AM – 9:00AM
  4. Tip: Ask the driver of the jeep (not the tricycle drivers or tourism staff) if the jeep is already full. From experience, the Banaue tricycle drivers (though not all are as greedy as the I one spoke with) are insisting that I should take a tricycle to go there as the jeep is already full even in the early hours of the day. I trusted my gut to look and ask the driver first and found that there is still enough space for more passengers. I took of course, the front top load portion for the view. 

Where I lodged in Batad? 

Simons Viewpoint Inn Lodge Accommodation Batad cheap comfortable travel budget guide.jpg
With Mam Mariz, Manager of the Lodge/Restaurant with the amazing view of the Batad Rice terraces

The jeepney driver led me in finding Simon’s Viewpoint Inn and Restaurant. Learning from the locals, they said that Simon’s is the first accommodation in Batad. The location of the inn almost parallels the amphitheater rice terraces, thus, dubbed has the best view of the rice terraces in Batad.

The rooms feature wooden flooring and walls, Double beds and side tables. I haven’t personally checked yet the amenities of the native Ifugao houses.

Simons Viewpoint Inn Lodge Accommodation Batad cheap comfortable travel budget guide 2.jpg
Panorama of the Restaurant and Lodge, The rooms upstairs have the amazing view of the rice terraces

Cost: Php300.00 per pax per night for a regular room. You can also lodge in the native style houses at around Php1,400.00 – Php1,800.00 that can house 4-8 pax. There is a common Toilet and Bathrooms. Separate charge for Towels and fees for Recharging of gadgets at Php30.00. Menu prices range from Php 100.00 and up. There are no power outlets in the room except at the common area. The restaurant/dining area has the parallel view of the rice terraces. No cellular signal in the village yet as of writing.


Simon’s Viewpoint Inn and Pizza Restaurant

  • Contact Person: Marissa Illag
  • Mobile: +63 929 488 5181
  • E-mail:


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