22nd PIHABF held at OMNI Airline Training Academy


During the cooler days of February, Clark is set to stage another crowd-drawing event in Pampanga that would surely amaze the eyes of youngsters and young at hearts – seeing these humongous Hot Air Balloons soaring the sky, once again, would certainly be a spectacle. This year, they mentioned adding more unique shaped balloons. Amongst that stood out for me is the Huge Yoda, the Nutcracker with Philippine Airlines logo and the Russian Doll.

pihabf22 flag jump omni aviation.jpg
The Flag Jump

Apart from these eccentric balloons are air shows that would blast away your senses as they fly low near the runway and half the brief moment experience of real intense sonic booms and thrills. There are a number of flybys by fighter jets that leave the ground with shaking booms during the early hours of the event.


One of the new additions in the exciting activities of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, the Air Acrobatic show, made its maiden take off on the OMNI Aviation runway with these two British Ladies doing heart thumping acrobatics in the air while harnessed above the wings of a single-engine airplane – surely was an adrenaline rush!

There are also races happening between a motorcycle, car and a plane leaving your conscious thoughts trying to guess on who’s going to be the winner.


The event does not leave you hungry as a number of food concessionaires and famous fast foods camped too to feed those hungry bellies. Sponsor booths rake some activities to add more fun! Being in the Fiesta does not only give you pure fun but also loads of prizes at stake! Follow sponsors hashtags and you might win an awesome prize.




The 22nd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is held at OMNI AVIATION in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. From my observation, the overall organization of the fiesta is far better than the previous year. Kudos to the organizers!

OMNI AVIATION is your choice of Airline Training Academy in Central Luzon as they provide quality education from Pilot Training, Airline Services Training, Aircraft Maintenance and Cabin Crew Training. Setting apart OMNI AVIATION from other airline academies inside Clark is its own runway, almost parallel to the Clark International Airport. Your future pilot won’t need to travel to and from a separate boarding school to a separate runway.

Adding to the awesome experience of the learners is the strong support of the administrative and highly equipped academe. OMNI Aviation will truly prepare your future in the skies!

Watch out as OMNI Aviation will expand its services from air taxiing to supporting the domestic tourism by preparing chartered flights to the beautiful exotic places in the Philippines. Gone will be the days of long butt-numbing transits and drives to your favorite destinations as they will lift you there, slashing many hours of boring land travel and giving you more quality time to enjoy! Quality vacation at its finest, I can say. Follow OMNI Aviation’s social media to get updates on their new offerings.


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