TULAUK | a Lenten Sarsuela | Pampanga


Tulauk 2017 Kapampangan Zarzuela Theatre Angeles City Pampanga Musical Drama (44).jpg

Night of Easter Sunday 2017, TULAUK  is staged in Nepo Center, Angeles City where Kapampangans can watch for free the lenten zarzuela about the Passion of Christ. With the members Arti Sta. Rita and Teatru Kapampangan and the brilliant mind of Sir Andy Alviz , the experience of watching is totally worth it. This is my first time to watch a theatrical show set in Kapampangan language. The songs brought me goose bumps as they were performed with feelings. The actors and actresses really had reached out to the audience.

What I like about this show is the audience participation. Before the start, they gave instruction to the audience about the cues. The momentous part of the audience is when they shout “tinape”, which means bread in Kapampangan, the actors brought heaps of bread to the watching crowd – a perfect timing for my growling stomach that time, and the segment when the audience need to raise the palm leaves.

Tulauk2017 Angeles City Nepo Center.jpg
The Official Poster of Tulauk


The title “Tulauk” is a Kapampangan word which means “Crow of a chicken” or “Tilaok” in Filipino – the rooster crow after Peter denied Christ three times.

What I thought would be a serious and highly dramatic show, it came out to have a touch of comedy and current pop culture. These parts certainly had the attention of the millennials. I am not a fan of theatre and plays but this has changed my mind about it. According to to the feedback I heard from the audience, this year is their best ever Tulauk version.

At the end of the show, the archbishop is assisted at the stage to lead the audience in prayer.

Tulauk 2017 Kapampangan Zarzuela Theatre Angeles City Pampanga Musical Drama (45).jpg

Here are the photographs that were taken during the show:


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